Survived A Hanging

All I remember is being very angry about the economy and this broken system. Diagnosed with Cyclothymia (a mild form of bi polar). I was racking my brain trying to find the "Whys" to why all of this is going on. No medication and and was In my manic mode. After talking about killing myself (cry for help). I put a cord I cut and tied it to the carport beam I test it to see if it would hold my weight( I had NO intention at all to actually try suicide Its not in me to consciously try and take my own life). Then I go inside back to my room sit on my floor and hold my head down. The next thing I know I'm waking up in the hospital with a tube in my throat, nose, and a catheter in me. My mom is there and I asked what happened and she tells me I hung myself had no oxygen to my brain for ten minutes and was In a coma for a few hours. I didn't really get how bad it was until my mom showed me the pictures she took to show me what "I" had done. If I could go back I would not change a thing for everything that occurs makes us who we are. But I do wish that my family didn't have to experience that. I'm grateful for coming back. Now I have a GF and baby girl due in a month. Peace to all.
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Amazing story, glad you're doing well, and congrats on the girlfriend and the little girl! (:

I understand. I also have bipolar but I attempted in a depressive episode. I also hung myself but when I felt myself slowly passing out I managed to push myself up against the wall, and pull up using the cord. I don't even know why I saved myself, it's like my body did it not me....natural human instinct.

& you didn't get any brain damage?

Thanks for sharing. Thankful you lived

Wow. This is an incredible story. Congratulations to you, your gf and your little girl who is so lucky to have a father with such strength and character for guidance.

You are amazing.
I hate how people say they understand... but trust me. I do understand. Keep going.