i am constantly having people tell me that i saved them by giving them advice and helping them through their rough nights. I love hearing that but it's extremely frustrating that i can't help myself. I'm always telling people to stay strong and wait it out because things will eventually get better but im hanging by a thread.
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Yup, thats pisces duality for ya. Pisces are always keen to help everyone else but themselves, its funny and silly but i know exactly what you mean and where you coming from. You enjoy giving advice and or information but cant apply somethings to yourself, you can be complete broke, and homeless and still give support and advice to others.
Knowing that you are aware of such behavior or thinking is the first step to becoming wiser, gaining self knowledge.
just be aware of yourself and your thinking when in such situations where you "feel" the need to give advice, or support nothing wrong with it, but with yourself being hard on yourself about doesn't solve or give light to the actual issue occurring.
If you want to find out just watch yourself, be yourself, and be aware of your thoughts and thinking while in such situations without condemning, or justifying anything.
Relationship is the means in which you discover yourself, to be is to be related, to discover one's motives be it good or bad one needs only to be related and aware, in discovery there is transformation, in observation of what is, what is happening it will reveal to you what you seek to know, without actually seeking when you are simply aware.