I wrote a book that's being published: "Once The Storm is Over: From Grieving To Healing After The Suicide of My Daughter." I'm interested in connecting with those who have been tempted to commit suicide, and those who lost a family member to suicide. Maybe we can encourage and support one another in the journey to find peace and healing. Send me your questions or thoughts, I check my messages once a day.
I also have lots of articles on mental health on my blog: www.living-enlightened-hypnotherapy.blogspot.com
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

I am so sorry for your loss, I was 16 when i attempted suicide, I loved my family, really did, It,s just that at that age, every problem seems so big to overcome, and depression hits hard.. I stayed in hospital 6 months, severly burnt..i got lucy.. once again, i am really sorry.