I was 12. Painfully shy,bullied at school,and the unfortunate child of indulgent yet narcissistic parents. Something sent me over the edge. Maybe I anticipated less than perfect Marks and feared punishment over it. For whatever reason I came home and took every pill I could find in the house and I do mean EVERY. Before the pills took their full effect I was still on my feet but starting to stumble bringing questions from my parents such as, "What's wrong with you?" and "How can you see with your eyes so closed?" I rarely spoke to them and spent most of my time out of their presence. That didn't change that day as I remained silent and continued on my way. Then "it" happened. I lost consciousness and fell. When my senses came back I was on my feet again held there by frantic mother. "What did you do?" She asked. From somewhere nearby my father repeated the question in his language in case I hadn't understood my mother. She got more frantic edging toward hysteria and my father's voice bellowed drowning her out and demanding I tell him what was going on. He took over holding me up and started shaking me like some rag doll again demanding I start talking. Both of my parents are tall people and my feet weren't touching the ground at the moment. That's how far off the deep end they were going. My mother went to my bedroom for something and screamed, "OH LORD!!! TELL ME YOU DIDN'T TAKE ALL THIS?!?" Eager to see what she was talking about my father let go of me dropping me on the floor and joining her in my bedroom. He says he didn't mean to drop me on the floor like a worthless mutt. I don't believe him. In any case I only stayed on the floor for a few minutes because before long he had come back and snatched me up to continue shaking and yelling about how could I be so stupid then both he and my mother started calling me selfish. Somewhere in the middle of his rampage I started feeling sick. REALLY SICK. I threw up all over the floor much to my parents disgust. "How could you do something so selfish?" They both kept saying over and over again throughout the evening,next day,week,and even years. I have finally come up with the perfect answer, "I wanted to get away from YOU. How could you selfishly keep me here?" They promptly shut right the Hell UP!!!
Joha0505 Joha0505
22-25, F
Aug 24, 2014