I Recovered From Suicde Thoughts Many Times,and a Survivor,my Ex Took His Life In 2006

As growing up i was suicidal becuz of being abused

i over come and lived many times with attempts by the grace of god

Then as i was 20 almost 21 my ex lane took his life

to a shot to the head

was rough but i over came,i help others and saved 2 lives since then

my exes suicide was horrible,he wasnt found 9 days,was all over the news then his family blamed me for what he did

wasnt allowed to his funeral and no goodbyes

had no counseling til 2 yrs after that after being admitted for goin insane

then got off meds

i loved him and was goin to marry him but he was goin to shoot me but my grama saved my life and sis did

so i thank god for that

his suicide taught me to wanna live


MeemsMimi MeemsMimi
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2009