Fulfilled In A Suit

For me, there's nothing like the feeling of wearing a sharp suit and tie outfit. Having my necktie knot fully tightened up to the collar, shoes shined, and jacket properly buttoned is a great feeling. At one time, not long ago, a real gentleman would never be seen in public without being dressed this way.
Today, however, the sharply suited gent is an increasing rarity and I am happy to be one who enjoys looking his best whenever I can.
suitandtieguy suitandtieguy
4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

I agree totally with you, GPA2000. I would like to see more pictures of you dressed up sharp. Please consider creating a photo album here, or send me some privately at my e-mail address: suitandtieguy@hotmail.com

I will try to get some pics posted soon. I especially like your pic in a bow tie. I think they are a must for every gentleman's wardrobe. I have several. Recently I was asked if I attend church every day because of the way I dress. Have you received any interesting comments? Would like to hear from you. Regards, Gabriel

Thanks For The Complement. I do attend church weekly but not daily. If you like, feel free to leave comments on my pictures. I am looking forward to seeing more of you sharply dressed as well. Contact me anytime, Larry

Men definately need to regain their manhood and start dressing well again. I wear a suit and tie daily for no reason other than that is how I am most comfortable presenting myself and representing myself and family. The respect you put out to others comes back to you. It would be nice to see boys and young men raised to think this way.

I also agree with both of you! It seems that this generation of kids have no mentors re: looking proper. While I did not wear bow ties daily in high school or even earlier, I would not have protested by any means. We did have to wear dress shirts-mine were French Cuff-and dress pants-jeans were left at home to be worn only there-and whoa to you if you were caught not complying with the dress code. In fact, for a number of years, I always dressed up on the very last day of school. I think I quit when bullies entered my life and my good bow tie and white dress shirt got ripped off me by the nut who just had to exact his revenge on me. <br />
Frankly, I believe ALL young men should be required to wear dress shirts, ties (bows if they prefer), dress slacks and/or suit coats to school from sixth grade on. If they choose, they cold sub a tux one or two days a week, but the point is, if the boys were to dress this way, it would prevent being in the 'can you top this' stuff that seems to be so rampant at schools these days. Lord knows, I think teachers would be so much happier because their students would pay attention to their studies more. Of course, being teens would not prevent looking at females/etc. so that distraction would still be there, but the one up-manship of the I look Better Than You club etc. might just quit. Besides, if private schools can require good dress for their students, public schools can also. Just a thought I've had for years regarding dress and deportment.

Me to .I have noticed recently some of the guys i work with are making more of an effort ,at least three of them have boght suits and like wearing them for sportsmans dinners etc.