My Life

i find that I am often told that i daydream alot which i dont really notice but i guess i just look really passionaely into things practically everyhting. I really see beauty in everyhting some things are exceptions though. I am very complex and although people say that i am very complicated and hard to handle they just cant seem to get enough of me. many people say that i give of this innocent vibe like i can never harm anything which is quite true but boy do i ahve my temper let me tell you. I also am very sexual and absolutely love sex but am sometimes shy to make the first move but not always o and i am absolutely in love with a leo!!!! so ladies dont let it fool you not to date a leo because that is so not true for us women who have sun in pisces aries rising and moon in capricorn

xxpopdiva12xx xxpopdiva12xx
Mar 27, 2009