I'm A Pisces Sun, Aries Rising, Capricorn Moon

I'm actually a pisces-aries cusp sun, rising aries, capricorn moon... my biggest problem is that the people closest to me think I'm extremely manipulative, which I probably am, but A.) not purposefully, B.) only for good reasons, and C.) I manipulate the people closest to me the least.... it's very hard for me to even understand my own emotions.  One moment I feel the pisces influence and am very compassionate towards everyone, and then in a heartbeat I'm influenced by my capricorn moon and immediately take a step back and put my wall up, thinking it's a trick.... It's really hard to live like this.  The Aries in me just keeps this battle going non-stop

piscearicorn piscearicorn
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

Exactly! some people think I'm the coldest person alive... I guess the Capricorn moon in action. the truth is I really hate hurting people, but when wronged, i bring pain in cold torrents and i get so manipulative it shocks even me. After the whole episode though, i feel a lot of remorse but surprisingly I just shrug my shoulders and carry on nicely... In work, business and anything i love, my Aries rising sign comes into full play as i hate to waste a second. I just delve and try to get it done. Also I can toil for ages for the things i love and not even worry about it; this is the aspect my girlfriend fears the most about me - the fact that I get LOST in my work and practically abandon her...... Really difficult been a piscean sometimes... but hey! all my exes wanna get back, I guess thats a plus...