Me And My Weight Problem

My name is Joshua McGame. I live with my parents and sibs in Sturgeon bay Wisconsin. I go to an online school. Why? Because of my weight. My family is a very "Big" family. I weigh almost 400 lbs. I have type 2 diabetes and walking from my bedroom to our living room {200 feet} leaves me out of breath. My day is simple. Get up, eat, shower, log onto school, watch school, eat lunch, watch school, log off school, and do homework. At night we have a family activity. It takes place in dad's room. We will play a game or watch a movie. But before my sister and I go to bed we help dad with his own activity. We pull him up off of his back and sit him up. We need to do it because he is to fat to do it himself. Then he moves and trys to build up his muscles. After we lay him back down I waddle back to my room and go to sleep so we can repeat the process tomorrow.
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hey i would love to chat with you im a female, older than you.

dude if u have skype i would love to be able to chat

Any tips to get that fat?

I was very lazy and always ate to much.



Nice. Lately it's been so easy to lay around and eat tons.

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Very nice! I want to be fat like that too!

Your family sounds wonderful! Is your mom and siblings as fat as you?

Only my dad, myself, and my 7 year old brother are overweight: Dad 800lbs, me 419 lbs, brother 300lbs.

Wow, that's great!