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i am so tired of being judged by men cuz i am big with big bones.. before i had kids i was skinny and now i cant lose the weight.. is there any guys who like big ladies
sunsure sunsure
41-45, F
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Yes, I most certainly do

*raises hand* I do! I do! :-)

I do!

I think our culture's obsession with skinny women is just sick. Healthy yes, bone stick thin no way. What's the fun in that. Skinny girls look like they would be poky instead of nice to snuggle. I bet you are way sexier than you think!

I love big women inside and out

I really love BBW. and feel comfortable cushionlike feelings and ******* a contact

I love bbw. Love the curves so sexy to me. add me

love bbw and hate the broom handle with boobs look. You must be a real knockout

She sounds like she is!

I love big ladies! The bigger, the better! :)

i am all about big girls!!

I love em!

Absolutely love them... much nicer and so much sexier than skinny girls

You rock! BBW are the sexiest women in the world. MMMMMM! YUMMY! ;-) ;-*

I love ssbbw! Would like to talk with you!

I happen to love large women! I love your stories! Please ad me as a friend.

I love women with some meat on their bones, don't care much for skin
ny, bony women

hell yes... its whats inside as well

Nice.. I agree with u.. Its what is inside are probably a lovely woman, even though i dont know you, the vibes are good

Thanks.. I think I am a good person

You sound like a good person!

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Size is not important. Do you want to be with each other is important. A true relationship goes far beyond the surface.

I agree

m really love big and mature gurls........check my profile

body type does not determine sexiness for me, the mind is the biggest sex organ! I love it when a BBW is proud and confident of her body and can let go and enjoy sex to the fullest! Being unclean (as opposed to dirty, which I like ;) ) is the only turn off


I love curves,more mature women have and I love's. Who wants to love on a stick

Nice.. I dont

I want something to o grab whole of and ride :-)

Ride on

Oh yeah! Love it!

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Nothing wrong with big ladies. They are very attractive to me. Dont worry... in this day and age its very hard to lose weight due to age.. stress.. lack of sleep..depression. Its not a perfect place anymore.

It aint a perfect place ... I know I lack of sleep

Im sorry to hear that. I can seriously relate to that factor. Reading sometimes helps but not always.

It does not always not even warm milk

Maybe trying physical exhaustion.. perhaps a long walk to clear the mind.

Hope u sleep peaceful tonight

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Yes... MEEEE.. I love curves.. feels so nice to cuddle up with.. :)

I do! Women are supposed to be very curvy!

your aunt you ******.... mmmm .. ok. i never met a guy who **** their aunt

i will give you multiple wild ******* sure ..mmmmm you are so hot n horny <br />
i want lick your whole ***** and lick your clitoris till you ***...mmmmm your ***** juices are so testy and haveing erotic smell<br />
thanks<br />

your welcome

dear,<br />
i like only mature big size females . when i see fat mature of big size females my **** go erect and i want **** her juicy *****.i have done my first sex in my age only 15 and my real aunt is that time 45 years old she is too big and very hot that day i have ****** her 3 times and after that i like only mature big females. you make me really hot <br />
thanks<br />
have a nice day<br />

add me as a friend please...

Yes there are a lot of us guys that love wife is BBW...when we were dating she was 140 not she is 210...she has lost a lot of weight in the last year...but I love her body...I prefer meat on my rest assred there are guys out there that will want you...


i myself never judge a woman from the outside as what matters to me is inner beauty , and i am a straight man so your answer to your question in the above story is YES !..........................Nice to meet you ~ ............Peter

thanks glad guys are stll looking for bbw

But of course! And you're welcome!

I do too. I always have. Bones are for dogs, meat is for the man!

I do. And I know a lot of men does.