I Have Superpowers

I recently started watchin heroes on NBC and thought it was great - but of course it was all made up - a load of rubbish - i mean people cant have superpowers right?

But thats all changed recently - ive bin getting these dreadful stomach pains and been startin 2 hear things. This mornin i heard the kitchen tap dripping. I was two floors above on the other side of the house! Also I needed to get my cat in b4 i left my house 4 work. I went outside and listened and I COULD HEAR his footsteps. Then I turned and saw him running acrooss fields 2 me - about 1 kilometre away!

I mean this superhearing stuff is pretty gr8 but ive started gettin dreadful headaches

Please please if there is any1 else out there hu thinks they may have "special" abilities, please post ur story on this site


mxc01 mxc01
18-21, M
Jun 21, 2007