I Have a Superpower

I am CarolAnn and i recently have discovered strange things happening to me.

I seem to have some sort of ability to control light. In the supermarket last week I was walking around then suddenly the lights began to flicker so i stared at them and they just shut off.

A much bigger event was the unpredicted eclipse last month, some of u might have heard of. I just concentrated my mind and the sun went out. All light. Pitch black. I panicked and the light came flooding back. It only lasted a few seconds but that was enough. I have tested this ability. I can turn on or off any device designed for transmitting light. And also i seem to be able generate some light beams from my eyes and finertips. Its only small now but it can only get stronger

Thanks so much

Its gr8 to meet people like myself

carolann carolann
31-35, F
2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Hmm, interesting. I do not doubt that you might see these things, however, I am skeptical to that others can see the phenomena. I just hope it is not that when you stare at something the veins near your eyes (esp. light sensitive system) suffer an automated subconscious vasiloconstriction, making you perceive fading/waxing light temporarily.

I didn't hear of any unexpected eclipse last month. The last lunar eclipse was in March 2007.