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But my most important point for coming here is about whats happening to me. Ive been experiencing superhuman reflexes - FOR AN OLD WOMAN LIKE ME!

I can react extraordinariy quickly to things - I first discovered back in Kansas when I stepped in front of an oncoming bus . I saw it and pulled myself back so quickly it was unreal. Since i have expreimented. I have gotten my grandson to point a gun at me. I can hear and see the bullet so acutely I move out of harms way with plenty of time. This whole thing is amazing and I wanted to share it with the world.

My grandson, Jake, 14, that i mentioned earlier is another issue i want to discuss.

He is showing powers of weather manipulation. He can control the intensity of the weather eg if theres a light shower he can turn it into s storm. He can also generate various weather phenominon eg tornadoes and lighting using his hands. This is small scale at present but seems to be becoming forevermore powerful.

Im scared of what he might do- is there any1 hu can give us advice on any of this please do. Im excited but also quite worried.

Beatrice Beatrice
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1 Response Jun 21, 2007

Hmm, interesting: Maybe it is so that you might have grown more synchronized senses: Many people need to see the bus directly with the eyes in order to react, but you might have heard it coming your way or felt it with your feet and reacted upon these sensorical stimuli.<br />
...<br />
But I'm sceptical towards the gun-thingy; unless it was a soft-air gun: A bullet travels over 200m/s: Biologically a nerve signal travels 10-100m/s (faster in big axons), so for pupillary signals the speed is slower meanwhile nerves in the legs and vertebral propagate signals faster. So the bullet might travel 5-10 meters only when the signal is propagated; It is moreover biologically impossible to see a bullet with one's eyes (unless the bullet is moving straight towards one's eyes); one might only see their effects on the air; however you might have good hearing; But: the speed of sound is around 340m/s, which means that if the bullet is fired 15 meters away you will hear it when it is at most 8-9 meters away... So probably, your son did not aim directly at you (if he even fired the gun at all). If you would have been able to see a bullet, then you wouldn't be able to watch TV och write things on the computer easily; why? Computer monitors operate at 60-75 Hz, you must have faster eye reactions to see a bullet clearly and thus won't be able to watch a movie properly... . And about your grand-son: He is not some kind of Machine that is more electrically capable than 10 nuclear powerplants that generates different pressure levels? I think that he has learnt how to read off weather from clouds in school...