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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Actually the human brain uses well over ten percent of itself. A simple brain scan will demonstrate that, even for normal activities of daily living, the human brain constantly has several areas firing simultaneously, and at no point is an area of the brain ever "unused". The brain has many areas that control the body's function and higher thinking, and depending on the task one area of the brain may be more active than another. However, that does not mean that other areas of the brain lay dormant waiting to be "awakened" by pseudoscience. It simply means that the brain is constantly being used in its entirety, with emphasis on the task it has at hand.

What will happen if I use the other 90% of my brain power?

You will. Die, Your body cannot handle the stress. You can however use different parts of your brain to achieve what you are looking for not explode it because you're overusing it.

I've tried that program and by far one of the greatest investment that I have made. I recommend it to anyone willing to discover their true potential.