For as long as I can remember, I would have dreams and visions that would come true - only the little things.

Age seven I sang "Ring Around The Roses" With my dad. The tv was on - something about a heart attack.
Five days, twenty hours later. He died of a heart attack.
Age twelve, I was singing "Ring Around The Roses" to creep my sister out, and it was when my Aunt just left from her visit here, and I was thinking about suicide..just a random thought.
Five days, twenty hours later. She committed suicide.
Age fifteen, I thought of the two experiences again, and it bugged me for days. So finally, I told myself to test it, so I can feel better knowing it wasn't my fault.
I sang the song, thought of a most wanted criminal and how his death would be.
Five days and twenty hours later, I realized I am a Monster.

I have also been an empath. Being able to sense the emotions of others without looking at them, yet it got so bad that I developed extreme stabbing pains in my stomach area when others feel a certain emotion.
I have always been able to read the past, present and future of others as well, sense death, make almost any spell, and see spirits and inks.

I've had crazy experiences. I met others as well, and ever since has studied them and myself and discovered new things about supernatural beings.

I experiment by taking everything I know and say its a myth until proven true- so far, It's been working great.

I had blood cravings (Yet, not a drinker - Least, most likely not.) and my eyes (the iris) change to yellow at certain times.
I'm currently comparing my ability (death-sound) and two other supernaturals that have death-touch.
Anyway, that's a little of my story(:
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Hi KiraAnkoku! I am similar. My eyes change color throughout the day. I can also enter peoples' dreams and I have blood cravings. I also can sometimes manipulate the future to a certain degree. Used to think I could just see it, then realized that by thinking about it I was slowly but surely making things happen...

Yea, I can manipulate the future in three ways. By the singing when I kill, through writing, and through wishing. :) I can enter and alter someones dreams as well, but I haven't done that in a while.
I've created a forum, called and a website, Since I was younger I got really interested in this stuff, and now I've experimented with it, as well as studied other supernaturals. :)

Have you ever altered the future on a large scale, like caused a new political movement to form, or a country's foreign policy to change?

No. Least, not that I could remember. Have you?


Like what?

I add me to circle and I'll tell you over PM.

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I am a werewolf. You are quite amazing, I must say. When I was younger, something was weird. But I didn't know what. I still don't know. Well anyways, thanks for sharing your story. :)

Thank you :)

also, I can enter others dreams ~

I must say I'm really interested in that killing power