Hi guys... I have confession. I'm... not... necessarily human. OK! let the haters roll in. "Oh course your a human, Why would you be on the internet?!", "You are some crazy idiot, thinking your not WHAT YOU WERE BORN AS." Well, im here to tell you the truth. I'm not. I have a small bit of telekenises, can freeze water (if i try really really hard) and can fly if I concentrate hard enough. I can some times feel weird things happen to my body if I stay still for to long. I feel like I have a tail or ear, a pair of wings, sometimes I feel like something is touching me! I'm not normal, and I know that, and i'm scared. Do any other supernaturals have advice?
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Research, find out where your power comes from as far emotion see if there are others with the same powers and perception. It is a great gift to be more than human but it can be hard and lonely too. It sounds like you have an incubus that's interested in you, let him know you apprieciate his interest in you but you would like to talk and have help with your powers and understanding what you are.

Thanks :)

You may have to have an intense and uncomfortable interaction to get understanding and control of your powers. I apologize on behalf of all incubi pure and impure we are a very horny bunch an pure ones can be perverted.

Ha ha, it's fine, i learned what was happening and made the incubus stay away. As for the powers, i'm getting the hang of it. Starting to work on moving heavier thing, and my water powers have morphed more into weather control. It's still pretty new for me though.

The best advice is to observe the reality around you, and perceive the significance of the difference u can make in it. Perceive the possibly negative influence u can have on it.
Be very mindful of the world u belong in, but do not focus on it, for u are not therein.
Remember your flesh, but also the works of your flesh as being a part of you: equally as significant to put yourself too.
Learn this place, know this place, but do not love it.
U are glorious, let that not be forgotten. Give not to those of this world that would prevent what you give them from making it into the next.
and please, tell me if it were a tail or ears, I am of mud and clay

As long as you don't have any sort of murderous intent of any kind there's no reason to be scared. It would be easier to help you if you knew exactly what kind of supernatural being you were, but at this point it would be best to just try and figure yourself out more.

Thanks for the advice <3

Bullshit. Gung-ho wannabe hunters are always a threat. their idiocy knows no difference between malicious and passive.

I would try registering in X-men university... They could probably train you in some way.