For anyone that are really supernatural more particularly a werewolf I think I might need help with something because I think I might be being hunted cause there's this one car I see after school and whenever I look at the car it leaves also about every time I go out to eat I see people watching me like I'm a celebrity which is weird
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not every watcher is a hunter. it can also be someone who watches you to make sure you are ok. have a little trust in others it will be ok

Okay thanks that made me feel better

Guys I need a serious answer.

If you're looking for such a serious answer, then why are you specifically asking for lycanthropes to answer for you? you DO realize there's more out there that can be of much more help in such a scenario than a hound don't you?

I'm not sure how to respond to this

Simple. you dont. Face facts, if you're focused on a species specific requesting aid about such a simplistic scenario then you're making up sorry escuses to find a hound. That or you sorely lack understanding of species. Werewolves are a primarily feral species. Hell some don't even realize that they even are. So your chances of finding the real deal Lycanthrope is slim to none. Not intentionally trying to sound like an *******. Just merely stating.

wtf is wrong wit you

The question is why did you even bother to reply to my question?

Damn humans why can't they leave us be :/

Because they doubt your existence. what would you expect? humans are lied to their entire lives. most People cannot fathom what they haven't seen.

"Most". Society is raised to be ignorant. Those with open minds are few and far between. even amongst those who "believe" to be openminded.