I'm not sure what I am. My family is sort of a melting pot of supernaturals. My mom has faye and seer, while my dad's side has a lot aside from succubus/incubus.(note: my dad shows no supernatural ability). My mom is half Sioux Indian so I understand how I'm a seer, but I also have a way with canines and felines. Snakes REALLY love my brother, while dogs HATE his very presence. Opposite for me. My first friend I ever had was a Gray Wolf(my dad rescued him as a pup when somebody abandoned him when he got too big for them). I wonder what I am? Any thoughts on what I might be?
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i do not know...its a case ill keep in mind though...but dont feel bad im a half bred so i know how ya feel

I'd have to know you better.

I'm see and hear spirits. I'm introverted at first. Um, I hate being in a room with a lot of people I get agitated, and I like to be alone a lot given that I get emotionally drained from being around people. All I know is that I'm at least part seer

wow, that sounds really powerful. have you tried identifying with a spirit animal? that's helped me to center.

well I know my spirit guides. I have three. The wolf being me primary one, second is a coyote, and finally a doe. Does that help?

it does. give me time, I'll try to get back to you.:)

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