I don't know very much about it and people think I'm crazy, but I did not come from Earth. I came into the world with hordes of strange and automatic knowledge- but whoever created me isn't perfect. Strange ailments that will appear incurable for a while then suddenly disappear are a common occurrence. More than anything, the things I experienced from birth were feelings of sorrow. I have all sorts of memories that I shouldn't have, I believe my family is just a group of surrogates plucked from different places. I assume I must be here as some sort of data gatherer and I want to know if there are any others. Let me know if any of you see the red light.
originoflove17 originoflove17
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1 Response Nov 9, 2015

... You are mean it's not the red light... It's name is verxin of Blood... (For obvious color reasons)