I'm a Cu Sith, at least I'm pretty sure from what I found in books and online and from my adopted brother Nathan Kelevra he's not human either but I don't know how you all would feel if you new more about us.
Here is what I can safly say we are definitely not human,but are memories both from this human looking body and who we really are get all mixed up to the point I wish we could "awaken" for lack of better word or "released" us from this fake life, this prison that keeps repeating even if it's for are protection from many enemys. If you know a way to break from this or at least so are memories are not in so many pieces plz tell me
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I'm in the same boat.

And what exactly is a "Cu Sith", as it sounds like something from Stars Wars?

A Cu Sith is a huge green mythical Scottish dog/wolf