Supernatural Hunter

Hunter from NJ, need contacts and info so one who reads this get back to me, we might be able tro help eachother
18-21, M
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Here's a tip. Disregard any belief that blessed ob<x>jects will help you fight a demon. Disregard any belief that certain metals, like iron or silver, will help you.<br />
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Demons don't care about your beliefs and your religions. Demons will laugh at you and snap your neck.<br />
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What drives demons away is a spiritual willpower, or mental willpower, that is superior to their own.<br />
If you intend to fight a demon, approach it with defiance. Keep your mind and spirit strong. I demon wants to break your will. Make you helpless.<br />
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Most are physically stronger than the average human. But the will to survive can often overcome the desire to kill.<br />
Have you heard of the concept of "Back to the wall"?<br />
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Its the concept of when someone is losing or outnumbered with no hope of victory, they will fight that much harder to survive. That they have nothing to lose.<br />
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in Sun Tzu's Art of War it is made clear that you should never cut off an enemy's escape. A fleeing enemy will do exactly that... FLEE. They will only think about escaping and as a result they become easy victims.<br />
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Someone who is surrounded with no hope of escape will resign themselves to their fate and will kill as many of his enemy's as he can before they overwhelm him.<br />
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The biggest mistake a demon can make, is cornering a human.<br />
This holds true to supernatural hunters. The biggest mistake you can make is making a demon feel trapped.

Im in Nj, right on the boarder of PA. I have yet to actualy go on a hunt, right now I am reading a lot of lore, getting in better shape, and training. Any info you are willing to give me to help me along would be great.