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Red Eyed Demon! To All Hunters

I'm a hunter from NJ, I've been tracking a red eyed demon. It may be the one behind the massive demon up rise heading up the east coast (I've also tracked this). Last known location of the Red eyed demon was im Texas, a few months back. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION ON IT CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. This thing has attacked other hunters, friends of hunter's, a friend of mine, has attacked me and has my scent.
SamWG SamWG 18-21, M 37 Responses Jul 27, 2012

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Hope you get this. I am not a person who puts my info out in public. I got ur red eyed demon. Skeptical? He smells of burnin moth balls and looks like what depictions have shown as to be wrath. I have pics of the seven deadly n they have taken a great interest in me. I do not know how to put my email on here n post. It says its spam. Get back to me

I live in PA I used to live in jersey

Today i got attack and my fiancee witness the whole thing jan 3 2015 before midnight he told me had red eyes, about 1 foot tall and smell like axe perfume something that we dont have home, that thing was dancing next to me but when my fiancé interrup it got mad and attack him instead, reporting ftom davenport fl

hello, I am from Scotland, when I was young, me and 3 of my friends were playing at a park in our village next to a old castle, and we saw 2, ill say demons but may be well off with what creatures they were, peering from behind a tree, one above the other. they had a white featureless faces except two red, slightly pointed beady eyes and a black silhouette like shape for a body, this was broad daylight in the summer and i saw it first but didn't say anything and my friends individually pointed it out. so being young we grabbed the biggest sticks we could find and went towards the tree, two going one way and two going the other, we got about 15-20 yards away from them when they looked at each other and went behind the tree, where the tree was and where each of us were walking there was no way if they were people could go without any of us seeing as we were well spread out, anyway, after they went behind the tree the four of us ran up and jumped round either side of the tree and they were completely gone. none of us have seen them since but its a event that has troubled me for many years and would like to know answers if possible as we have no idea what they were, why they were there and made an appearance to us etc. so any help would be appreciated.

Call me 1-916-846-8604

I've seen it twice. It has red almond eyes. I haven't seen it in a long time. I don't like to talk about it. I'm just glad that I got it to go away.Its a dark figure. Like a grim reaper,but with red eyes. Both times I saw it staring at me thru a window. I looked for logical explinations, the first window,no man would've been tall enough to look through. The second house second window was just a few feet off the ground. I mustered up the courage to look around the room to find a red light that could be reflecting.Nothing! My advice if you ever see it,act like you don't see it and pray. I prayed hard,harder then ever before. It never showed again. I didnt and don't believe in this stuff but have had things happen before and after the sightings I can't explain. Crazy!

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I have a red eye tall demon in my home with many imp like creatres that are attached to me and i don't know what to do. everytime i take a picture on my computer you can see it behind me. I am scared and don't know what to do. please contact me as soon as possable. thank you.

I was living in Alvarado, TX and saw a red-eyed demon inside a relatives house where I was staying in August, 2011

I saw one once, but there are many of them out there. Not just one. This one watched me through my kitchen window one night, but for some reason, I wan't afraid, and I don't know why.

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Is this post real? I have authentic questions to problematic situations. I know and have seen... a red eyed demon since I was young in the shape of a young little girl. It follows me around.

Yes I have encountered this demon as well. I have read about him. He is a crossroads demon. He wants to make a deal. Ex. give you anything you want in exchange for your soul. Read about it. I captured a picture of this July 2013. I have been trying to find others that have witnessed this.
I would like to show it to you. If interested I cant copy it on here. :(

I was living in Alvarado, TX and saw a red-eyed demon inside a relatives house where I was staying in August, 2011. I saw it at night. I stared at it for about 10 seconds and it slowly closed it's eyes and disappeared. Months later my 10 yr. old grandson seemed at times as thoug

as though possessed. I am convinced it fed off the negativity and anger in the household. I am most interested in seeing the picture you captured. Contact me @ sfolkner@hotmail

What info do you have? I need any info/pics that you have! Email then to me


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If you could please contact me I am very interested in becoming a hunter, I am a practicing pagan and have been for 13 years very knowledgeable in the occult and beyond. I am also a seer it's passed down in my bloodline. I am very interested in becoming a hunyer, I have done small things in my own but I am looking to network and work bigger jobs.

Pagan ? Seriously dude, don't mess up, hunter =/occultism

What exactly Is meant by that?

We hunt pagan deities

Us umm the characters Dean and Sam hunt pagan deities because it's a show, in reality a pagan God or goddess would rip you apart.

Dean and Sam ? Lol

To be honest I came here not to become a hunter but to incorporate myself into this online community to determine the actual seriousness of this online community, too see if this online "hunters" association actually posed a threat to the truly gifted and traditional witches. As I have been reading I have determined that this group poses no threat and thus I am revealing my purpose because as we see it as true witch hunters no longer exist, for the witches that came before us extinguished the true threat.
Good bye and have fun playing your games.

I've never encountered a pagan god, tbh i don't even know if they're a thing

I don't Know any of these guys but I Know they're lying, if you think i'm not a hunter fair enough lol

Well if you are a real hunter I advise u to stick to what you know and to never go up against true trained and gifted witches or deities I'm just trying to help

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Any hunters up to hunt 2 ghouls with me ? I'm in Pinehurst, NC, and someone got jagged, it's a small case but if someone wants to go for a real hunt dm me

Okay, I don't know if you're serious or not, my niece has seen a red eyes figure. It comes to her at night in her bedroom. I don't know if this is what you're talking about or not, she said it had pointy ears, round red eyes that didn't look human and it had a trenchcoat type thing on. She also said it had claws. She's seen it twice now and I want information on it. If you know anything.

No, not at all, they're talking about crossroads demons but since they're not actual hunters they're lying, btw what your niece saw can't be a demon cause they don't have claws or pointy hears, she may have seen a Oni or a something else please tell me more about it, if there's a case now i'll take it

Well she said it never spoke to her just kind of stared at her. She didn't go too far into detail after what she told me. She said she saw it once outside the window in her sister's room staring at her and then once next to her closet, which was kind of next to her bed. I didn't figure it was a demon after I asked her if she smelled sulfur and she said no. She said it had teeth too.

Can you ask her ? Because i don't Know any creature like that, wasn't she dreaming ?

Are you still looking? I'm not sure what it was, but I took a picture the other day with my cat, and in the picture was a red faced demon with either reddish or yellowish eyes, it's hard to see. I live in NJ.

I got a red eyed demon last night what was the demons name so i can know if it was the same one you was hunting

I killed one last year, red eyes demons are just random crossroads demons, they ain't that dangerous

So tell me im interested now how is it exactly that you locate your demons and no offince but a demon with red eyes is alil vague and yall are demon hunters but how many of you actually know what a real demon is? E

ive been tracking one of these for going on five years the sob seems to stay in the same area around a hundred square miles

I too have seen something similar. Also in a wooded area, I was spending time in upstate New Hampshire, near the boarder of Main. I was at a camp ground. This was about six years ago, I saw it clear as day outside the window of a little cabin I was in. I was dark outside, I could see bright red eyes and was able to make out an outline of a face.

Yeah, When I was at austin. My sister and me went for a walk.. And we saw it.. There's more than onr

There is always more than one. If this is as powerful as you guys say, then what you need to find is the nest. If they are moving around as much then the places they would stay...mmm.... Try a forest. Or buildings near one.

if you have no clue where he is at. AND he is aware of you with your scent then.......sorry your gonna need A LOT of ******* help ha

This red eyed demon is one tough mother ******. i hope you find him. Good Luck. offence...but there are many demons not including spirits and other creaters that have. Read eyes. You will need to have more information and details on this exact one.

Oh... You people do realize there a ton load of demons with red eyes? Just pointing that out there. So I doubt you all are seeing the same one.

Nope, not the states it's long gone by now... Somewhere in... Quebec. Good luck finding it.

Are you trying to kill me....? :p

Ok, wait....let me clear something up before hunters assume things.
I'm not the demon your looking for, but the area that was just mentions is more or less where I am. I am no threat though so no worries ^-^

Two of my friends have spoken on floating red eyes right after being attacked. One friend has seen it for years....

I've only herd stories from my hunter friends about the demon and I thank you for letting me know its so close to me I'll be on the lookout

Red eyed demon? For all you know you could be talking about me.

still looking?

He doesn't need your help