Red Eyed Demon! To All Hunters

I'm a hunter from NJ, I've been tracking a red eyed demon. It may be the one behind the massive demon up rise heading up the east coast (I've also tracked this). Last known location of the Red eyed demon was im Texas, a few months back. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION ON IT CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. This thing has attacked other hunters, friends of hunter's, a friend of mine, has attacked me and has my scent.
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I got a red eyed demon last night what was the demons name so i can know if it was the same one you was hunting

So tell me im interested now how is it exactly that you locate your demons and no offince but a demon with red eyes is alil vague and yall are demon hunters but how many of you actually know what a real demon is? E

ive been tracking one of these for going on five years the sob seems to stay in the same area around a hundred square miles

I too have seen something similar. Also in a wooded area, I was spending time in upstate New Hampshire, near the boarder of Main. I was at a camp ground. This was about six years ago, I saw it clear as day outside the window of a little cabin I was in. I was dark outside, I could see bright red eyes and was able to make out an outline of a face.

Yeah, When I was at austin. My sister and me went for a walk.. And we saw it.. There's more than onr

There is always more than one. If this is as powerful as you guys say, then what you need to find is the nest. If they are moving around as much then the places they would stay...mmm.... Try a forest. Or buildings near one.

if you have no clue where he is at. AND he is aware of you with your scent then.......sorry your gonna need A LOT of ******* help ha

This red eyed demon is one tough mother ******. i hope you find him. Good Luck. offence...but there are many demons not including spirits and other creaters that have. Read eyes. You will need to have more information and details on this exact one.

Oh... You people do realize there a ton load of demons with red eyes? Just pointing that out there. So I doubt you all are seeing the same one.

Nope, not the states it's long gone by now... Somewhere in... Quebec. Good luck finding it.

Are you trying to kill me....? :p

Ok, wait....let me clear something up before hunters assume things.
I'm not the demon your looking for, but the area that was just mentions is more or less where I am. I am no threat though so no worries ^-^

Two of my friends have spoken on floating red eyes right after being attacked. One friend has seen it for years....

I've only herd stories from my hunter friends about the demon and I thank you for letting me know its so close to me I'll be on the lookout

Red eyed demon? For all you know you could be talking about me.

still looking?

He doesn't need your help

How do you become a hunter? I am very interested. I am in Arkansas and maybe able to help with this red eyed demon.

Don't take this the wrong way, not trying to be an ***, but as you aren't a hunter, how could you help with a demon no hunter so far has been able to pinpoint?

I understand. I may be useless when it comes to this demon but I would like to help any way I can with whatever a hunter is up against. Eventually, I would like to become a serious hunter.

I've got eyes out in n.m and Texas been out off it for 2 years do to back problems not only am I a hunter but a tracker and I'm pagan their is good and bad out there and I'm on the light side

nice to hear of another tracker

me and my brother encountered this one at bloody marry's in New Orleans Louisiana. we summoned it in an attempt to trap it but it failed so that may be the reason why it's spottet here

Louisiana sighting January 31,2013

Where in Louisiana !!? What time?! What did it look like!? And what did it do!?

It was in Louisiana... Again???


May need to travel more, Az. It's not been so massive as to scream Apoc-War, but it has gone up from the miniscule pop-ups it used to be. Sam's not wrong. And his demon's real. Those occurences, I tracked them too. Everywhere they popped up, bad **** followed. Type of **** that's made other hunters scream armageddon. **** got pretty hairy.

I'll tell u what I know In a bit, it's to much to write on an itouch

ok sorry for the delay. its a long as story but i'll try to summarize it with not to many plot holes. Red eyed demon took a friend of mine hostage in Lake Jackson texas around feb. 2012. Told her it would kill her and her family if she spoke to me at all. I got some minor info out of her. Later on i found an electrical storm moving up from texas, up the east coast. I figured if anything weird were to happen then i suspected demons. The same night after i found out about the storm i got attacked my self in my own room. I did some researching talking with others and found that many others had seen this thing and there was a direcct link from area to area. About a month after the zombie cannibal news started to come in along the same line the storm was going up through. I mad a map ploted points , direct link up from texas, through florida and up the coast. Earlier that year a friend had told me that they had seen people in robes in an abandoned area of the town, surrounding a big seal. I showed him a few of the seals and he pointed out it was the sigil of saturn, azazil's seal (it got way to "supernatural" for my taste to even believe that) but if it was true then they must've summond the manifistation of all evil. Anyways after the zombies, i met another team of hunters that were planning on killing it this november. I started college, and decided to hang up my guns for the time being, i left the case with others and wasn't sure if they have followed up with any of it. there is a whole lot more that happened in between that time tht adds into the story, but this is the general summary of what happened. This is all i know, and am planning on starting to track it again.

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hey id be glad to help, u got a gun/salt and how long does it keep your scent?

There Hard To Track and very uncommon but if you have the right equipment u should be able to find it but it'll take a while

I'm on Texas I ain't seen nothing but I'll keep an out for it.


Check omens, killings, weather patterns, all the small and big weird things starting in February of this year

Will Do.

hey sam will you let me know what you find out it would be grate help

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