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I Need Training Anyone That Has Any knowledge and is willing to teach Reply.
Williamsaw Williamsaw
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If you are not lying, and are a real hunter, please tell me how I can become a hunter. I feel like I need to be doing more in life, I have always been drawn to paranormal subjects. Please help

Sheangel19 is the one to talk to my friend.

We ARE werewolves here! not hunters

I hunt and am wolf. Also you are on the wrong group hun. Look up

No I didn't mean hunters I meant werewolf hunters

Its not like any of these stupid tv shows that teens watch. Every time you take on something not of this realm (no matter what it is, no matter what your experience), your chances of living to brag to other slayers -about whatever you just ganked- are slim. And once you're in, you're in until the day you die. There isn't a ******* thing that's cool or fun about watching people die every single waking day. What.. "I'm not happy with my boring life?" Is that it? Well, boo hoo cry me a river, you ungrateful bastard. I have no friends, no family... We aren't allowed to get close to anyone because we are death traps! And you know what? I'd take miserably boring any day of the week. So stop trying to be a super hero and live your life as it is because it's sure as hell better than the corner you're trying to back yourself into. Goodbye!

Cry me a river then death trap, before you talk know that i have hunted but not demons by that i mean exorcism, i need training with exorcism.

Oh look at the woe is me contest. Sooo dramatic. Let me tell you youngins about something. I've been doing this over a decade. I have friends, look after my family, have a bf now and then. I've dealt with possession, demons, monsters, and even having a hit on me for a little while. It's not that you can't have a normal life its that you have to learn to protect these things and balance it. Experiance is not how many times you almost die. Its how successful you are in your task. If you are having a brush with death constantly its because your worl was sloppy. Because you weren't prepared. Or you simply bit off way more than you could chew. You both have a looooong way to go but at least Will accepts there are things he doesn't know and he actually is learning. That is a lot of progress from when he first got here.


Sheangel You hunt?

Yes. I've always been very open about that fact.

Why have i not asked you for advice?

Because you went on an all wolves must die rant and I had you blocked for a long time.

Really? I remember the wolves but i didn't know you blocked me

Kinda the point

Do you mean you hunt like me or differently?

Don't know how you hunt so I can't answer that.

What is it you usually hunt?

Whatever is a threat simply put.

I will talk to you more about hunts later as i feel tired and i am going to rest, i'll talk to you later.


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A training seasion I do with a friend is we go to a old house and my friend blindfold me and then hide somewhere in the house. I have to use my insticted to find my friend. This has helped me find deamons and spirts by using this you learn how to be alerted and watch for anything strange. Hope this has helped. If you need to know anthing let me know and I'll try to answer it for you.

yeh I wish someone would train me, my uncle taught me how to use a bow and arrow, a gun and martial arts training, not for hunting just for the sake of it and I seriously want to learn how to hunt

I need training as well. I need to know how to protect myself, and how to eradicate beings of the supernatural, without simply looking on the internet, because you never know how trustworthy/accurate those sources are, mostly because of the (brilliant) show.

Which parts exactly do they get right?

I'm also looking for training. Right now I only know how to purify your home of ghosts and wards to keep yourself protected. Please contact if your serious also.

If you go to he has lots of good sigils of power and/or protection, protective chants, and energy exercises. He also has vlogs on there which tell you how to do things. He's very reliable, I've found, if you'd like to go and talk to him/check out his blog and vlogs.

Same here. I've come too close before to things, and all I had were prayers on my side. I don't feel prepared for the next time I encounter...whatever it was.

You and me both, Williamsaw. I'm finding it difficult to find anyone willing to teach, however. And the Internet is full of Charlatins, fakes, and barely any information, which helps no one.

Charlatans. I'm flattered you used my word. We do not provide it because we do not want to be responsible for children getting hurt is why.

Do you provide info/training for those without any family or close friends?

Depends on who what and why

That makes sense, and I loved that word, actually.

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why do you want to hunt

Go To This Link And Join We Have Info.