Well Hello Guys

My name is Wyatt and well im really into supernatural stuff, (really into it) and i have made a group and we need recruits but still... and on the other hand i am the head of research and investigation of the hunters(another group, yeah "the hunters" is the best we could come up with for now) and we are looking for literally anything willing and trustworthy... because through our research we have discovered a war in the near future, what its about? who is involved? well im not allowed to say anything to you yet.... we try to help people in any kind of problem they can get into(paranormal problems that is) we need more people to strengthen us so if ur interested message me guys.....
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About the war... i interested of your know ledge and creatures that you face that have connectio to your info about war.... could i pm you ?

Hey pm me on fb cuz as i mentioned earlier, i dont get on here much...

Hey!!!!! You'll never kill me!!!!!!

Add me. : a_d0@live.com
0 = zero

On msn

im sorry i dont have an msn :(

So how we can contact

Hey we need to contact soon

ok add me on fb i dont get on here much. - https://www.facebook.com/WML10110

I know there is evil things out there, and I need to know how to protect my family and friends from them. Thanks ~~~

Hello Wyatt, my name is Jeff. I am a former Reconnaissance Marine with real experience in situations where "**** hits the fan." Anyway I am interested send me a message back.

Yeah, okay.

I am very interested in knowing what's really out there and how to protect myself and others if necessary. I've dealt with ghosts my whole life, and I believe that most other supernatural beings that have been speculated about are out there. I would really like to know more about this.

ok message me and ill tell you what you need to know...

I didn't think there was anyone left who didn't know about the Coming War...

We made this war possible u see these entities which we are going to war with, our thoughts manifested them (im talking about all of us not my group)

We... Manifested demons and monsters?

sorry guys i had a week off... I got injured, bla bla bla... about demons well we arnt dealing with them in this war....yet.....but these entity which we are in war with even monsters are against them.... there are vampires and demons and beasts and mana gulems and jashinists on this mission. these entities are like a urbon legend slender man... u might not belive it but we have proof...

Woooow your so out of the loop.


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The 'war' is nothing new to any of us. We are very familiar with it.

DO you then know who is in it?


mind telling me then?

Well excuse my typos cause im drunk. Basically when the veil srops a whole lot of nasties that are going to prey on normal sheep and ppl like me protect them . Hence warfare

not really, well kinda, but our war is about a group of entities from another dimention...

ya same thing. The veil keeps them from crossing over and doing a whole lot. But from what i can tell, the people who can do things, weaken the veil, but the veil has been expected to drop for a while now, longer than a year those rumors have been around. Which is mostly wishfull thinking. but i think that moment is coming closer. I think that moment may also alow us to cross over to the fourth dimension but really i have no real idea, as from dreams of it i have only seen death, then basically humanity smartens up, and we rebuild, little technology, but then i time travel in this one dream, which is very odd. and i see what the world becomes. truely a better place if the veil were to fall, since lots of people dont have any idea of any of this, the world would basically wake up, like we have and understand we need to change things. and well since there are those who are protecting them, that are humans like them, we start to go back to our roots. i think this is all how it will play out, basically just a hypothesis based on the veil ideas that spread around every supernatural website, along with the war idea is everywhere but was being pushed back because of the large amount of trolls, unneeded hype and drama. The site im on, doesnt and wont believe any of this because there is no scientific or visible proof. There are hardly any credible people claiming these things. And thats the problem- Im not bashing. But how serious do people take us when we say things like this. If theres anything that we as "teachers, leaders, guardians", or what have you, should do. We should try to get proffesionals to see what we can discover. If they can expose the veil as real. To these people testemonies by a bunch of people claiming to be psychic, mediums or anything paranormal of the sort, would not mean a thing. im just saying, perhaps we should really try to do something instead of talk about it.

For some.

i know azsuranil. i use logic.

Hmmmm yea.. im also heard some of kid creature that want to destroy the barrier.... act i have vision too. But in my vision of earth future, human world been so destroyed, its been so dark and chaotic in all places. But of all that darkness and chaos i saw a little light stand there. I dont know the next. It stop there. How the light would be, would it be win and spread all over the earth and fix all or will it be lost to the dark and gone, i dont know.

It some of kind creature not kid.

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