Do any of you hunt werewolves? If so what would you do if you caught one?
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im a wiccan blood witch also I have two other types supernatril bloodlines vamps and werewolves XD not jokeing im a blood freek

no one will hunt my kind hunt a different kind

This kids full of ****

Good for you the "18-21 year old"

Yeah I am what's your problem

Hahaha nope, I trust she angel more than I trust you...

She is a fake *** loser first shes saying she is a 'supernatural hunter' then she calls her self a werewolf I'm pretty sure werewolves are supernatural

Werewolves are supernatural, I for one wouldn't mind hunting them, at least the bad ones

I get that but when she says it it's like she isn't a wolf

Well I'm sorry for your lost but your mum could teach you that

My mom is human, my dad is MIA and the only reason I know for certain is my grandma was talking to me about it but she died recently

I have no parents they died when I was 4 but what I did was figured it out but if you need any help just ask me,sorry for getting off in the wrong foot

It's okay, I understand I would have suspicions too if a kid came in claiming stuff it's human nature, we may be werewolves but we still have a human nature

Your the little **** who thought he could fit in to the wolf community in a few stop trying I've been doing this a lot longer

Yeah I tried to fit in but that's cuz I'm new and it's not like nobody at home is gonna teach me **** especially with my dad being MIA from my life.

Wait r u talking about me and take a chill pill

She's obviously talking about me

Oh she said kid I thought me lol but he still need to take a chill pill

Lol not you

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Plez don't

Why hunt us!!!! We don't suck ur blood!!!

I don't hunt I'm a fellow wolf... -_- but there are ones who do hurt others and think about it this way, hunters are like cops you don't do nothing wrong and nothing bad happens but you kill people and they come and put you down; with great power comes great responsibitlity


Ok you need to chill out Peter Parker

I'm chill

Haha good boy now stop the nonsense

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I would release it well first knock it out leave it in the woods with some food LOL


How do it

How do what

How do it depends

Well if it was not harmful just let it go but if it was evil lock it up show my hunting crew then properly kill it

I would not kill it if it did not harm my family


How would you "properly kill it"

Uh ill research it proberly chop off its head I know it sounds bad but that's what our job is only if it was evil though

Duh huh a bullet to the head

I found out I am a werewolf and I am not mean my father that left me and my mom was a werewolf... I found it out today I knew that my father had a secret and I knew deep down I'm not normal!

I don't know should do accuse my dad holy shoot what if it is my mom *turn around* lol

So please don't kill us!

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