I Enjoy That My Husband Likes To Crossdress

Its nice to see other wifes or girlfriends who support that there man enjoys crossdressing. I am a wife who supports that my husband likes to crossdress. We have always had an openness with each other and we could always tell each other everything including fantasies so I found out early on that my husband enjoys crossdressing and I had no issues with it, in fact I was so curious and it excited me so much, and it still does excite me. Seeing my husband crossdressing in panties, lingerie, pantyhose, skirts, costumes, etc really excites me and it really spices our sex life up. We enjoy shopping together for new items for the both of us, and have purchased lots of matching outfits which is really fun. I find nothing wrong with men who crossdress, its sad that some woman do not understand or take the time to understand why there husband or boyfriend enjoys crossdressing, its noting that will hurt your relationship, however overreacting and letting your mind race and come to all sorts of conclusions will ruin your relationship, my advice to other woman is to relax and talk to your husband and boyfriend, ask questions but do not be confrontational. And men should not feel as if they need to hide that they enjoy crossdressing, they should be able to be upfront and honest, I know for many men its hard to get the courage to be upfront with your wife or girlfriend about your crossdressing because you have no idea how they might react. More and more woman are becoming more open minded and accepting of things there boyfriend and husband are into, and our society is also becoming more open minded. Again woman need not fear when finding out there man likes to crossdress, for me and my husband its brought so much more spice to the bedroom, many woman want a man who is playful and pays attention to them in the bedroom, well in my opinion there is not greater lover than a man who likes to crossdress. They are so much more intune to a womans needs and they will certainly show you pleasure and focus on you rather than themselves. Also when my husband is dressing he is so much more excited, dressing gives him so much pleasure and seeing him happy and pleasured excites me and pleasures me. Again its nice to see other woman who are supportive of there husband or boyfriend. There are many other couples out there who enjoy crossdressing together and there are lots of woman out there who would be supportive of a man crossdressing. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Apr 21, 2011

I love to have wife like you. I envy your husband

So beautifully written! I want my wife to read this. It might help us heal.

Tears of joy are flowing from my eyes. What a supportivewife you are.