I've started surfing at least a few years ago and got my first board for my 10th birthday. It was a nice 6.8" NSP and I used it everyday for that summer. Then, my dad transferred me to his Cosmic Bull fish and it's like using a boogie board which was okay for me. Okay, so I'm more of a laid back, slower style of surfing and long boarding. I'm 15 now. So, my dad then let me use his long board which is about, lets say.... a 9 or 10 footer. I instantly fell in love with it. It was so easy for me to push off the board and spring to my feet when I caught a wave. I loved how fast the board slid through the water with each stroke. My dad can't even use the board because I never get off of it, so he is actually going to buy his own longboard! This longboard, it sounds weird I know, but I am so attached to it! Anyway, I am literally addicted to surfing, that I'm so deep into it, that some of my friends think I have like, a "surfing syndrome" or whatever. For them, it's weird that I care more about surfing than the hot lifeguards on the beach. I don't really care about what they think, all I care about is my board, the water, and when it's offshore. And that's my story.
RHCPgirl RHCPgirl
13-15, F
Aug 22, 2012