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I've been a surgical tech for 2 years. This was a career I choose  because of the action an I had been in the medical field for 6 years as a sitter and wanted a short program with good pay.  This has  been an up and down job   for me. It has it good days and it's bad. Surgical techs are having to get certified and get more education to be respected in the field. This is a great starting point for anyone. Let me know what's your take on surgical tech calling on all surgical techs out in chat land

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This posting is very old but, I just have to agree with Stardust60 in the comments below. I've been added for 11 months now at a hospital, fresh out of school, and now going through the torture that Star's describing, right down to the wire. My instructor told us that, we were going into a "professional environment" but the mentality is crazy! Love the job though and got the gift but, I'm starting to think "I don't have to take this abuse much longer" W. C. Fields.

The most important respect you earn is from you surgeons, patients, and the surgical techs you look up to. This field is full of ups and downs, I myself, after nearly ten years in this career, cried with a patient for the first time. His life took a turn for the worst this weekend and my Circulator and myself were able to be more to this man than the OR staff. Its moments like these that I am reminded that there is humanity in our jobs. I was able to not be concerned with how quickly my OR was turned over. I was able to help a person who needed me for more than just my expertise. It was an invaluable experience, one I will never forget. I hope many moments like this are to come for you.

Its more than just working with the surgeons and doing surgery. How about teaching new techs how to work with 50 differant personalities...that includes the RN's and other staff. How about teaching them the slimey and manipulative games the managers play. Or better yet, if someone on the staff doesnt like you, ( usually a seasoned person) how they kiss *** to the managers ( who just happen to be their best friend outside of work) lie about you and get you me...ITS EVERYWHERE...even in the good hospitals. Ive experienced it and have seen people tortured because they were not cool or popular. Gee sound like highschool. Thought we grew out of this...NOT IN THE OR. TRUST ME.

Sounds like you must have worked in the same hospitals as me! I've NEVER had a problem with any of the surgeons....they all love me which makes the nurses hate me lol. Jealously runs wild in the OR!!

So true, I'm experiencing it now. Your description is right on, 110% agree. Everything you said is happening to me right now.

This profession is a stepping stone to a higher medical field. I am a CST for over 20 yrs and can honestly testify to the pros and cons. For those contemplating spending big dollars to be a surgical tech, I would say, "Go for it." I personally enjoy the work and money that comes with the responsibilities. But, it does not come easily at first. My first year was a coming to Christ moments. I questioned whether to continue or go back to school. I dug my feet in, held my head up and back on the saddle. Here are a few things to consider if you truly want to continue with your choice of being a tech. First, ask yourself if being yelled at, ridiculed, ignored, thrown out of the operating room, set to the side and lectured to over and over again is something you can handle, then go for it. Clear your mind of the myth of being equal with the registered nurses, doctors and anesthesiologist in the operating room during surgery. You may work as a team but that is where it ends. No matter how good you become at your profession, you are still the bottom of the totem pole. This is true in certain hospitals you may end up working. Now, with this said there are facilities that are completely the opposite. Good luck in finding one!!!!!!! But, you spent money on the program and now you are thinking ,"I will now become a highly respected medical professional." NOT!!!!!! What you are is another nurses aide but with better opportunities. You see! This line of work is something you can advance in a short time if you work HARD and APPLY yourself.

Hi, I am in college now and want to become a Surgical Technician. I am doing a Career Exploration and need someone to Interview for my paper. Would you be interested in helping me out by answering a few questions?

yes please help me as well ... What is the starting salary for entry level ST? after graduating ofcourse.

I am starting a surgical tech program this summer. Any advice during the training?

I am a recent graduate of Tech school, and I passed the exam and I am certified(CST). I am having trouble breaking throw for a job. I have been a stay home mom for the past 6 years, and I have no work history to give other than the child care I did in home before children went to school. The other issue I am running into is the lack of experience needed to be considered. I would really appreciate some advice, or story of similar situations if anyone has any. Thanks!!

volanteer part time for a year. do what it takes

It took me a year to get a scrub job.. my advice is to keep applying... i started out working in spd i did it for a year the whole time i applied for tech jobs i finally found one and i'm very happy... but like someone said before you do have to have thick skin...

i am interested in becoming a cst and the college that i want to go to told me i should talk to someone that is a cst so that i have a good understanding of the job and if it is right for me can anyone help me?

I have been a surgical tech for 20 years and you must have a thick skin! it is very rewarding and very challenging at the same time.If you can be assertive and show your co workers you are eager to learn you will do well. don't be afraid to ask questions, it will take a few years to start to feel at ease doing cases. There have been times I would wonder why in hell I chose this profession and other times I can't imagine doing anything else but good luck!

This job as a surgical tech is taking off i love what I do now more than every.

I am attending a school for surgical technology. I hope to find a rewarding career, that I will enjoy.

I'm currently trying to decide on where to go to school. The one I'm looking at costs $33k. Compared to my research that's really high. Do you think this place is trying to scam me?

hi how are you doing? im wondering if i can ask you a few questions about your career. its for a project i have for a class we have to do like an "interview" thing on the career we love the most and want to get into!! But i know you might be busy as well as other surgical techs so if you can please help me with a couple of questions i would be really happy and thankful!!

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