He Makes The Money, He Makes The Decisions

I've completely surrendered myself to my hubby since he's the one making the money and putting food on our table. My hubby not only makes sure we're financially but also spoils me with nice clothes, jewelry, and a very nice car. To keep my hubby happy and secure about our marriage, I swallowed me pride and gave up my self-respect to keep my hubby happy and stress free to continue working and providing for me. This life style isn't for everyone, only those who are able to submit and belittle themselves for their husbands. As a surrendered wife, I let my hubby use me as an object to get over the fear of me cheating on him. I let him feel like he owns me so that he doesn't get scared of me leaving or cheating. I let him take his anger and frustration out at being cheated on in the past on me. He likes to pretend I'm the girl that cheated on him and call his friends over and ******** punish me. I gave up my body, mind, and soul to my hubby, letting him abuse me how ever he wants with whomever. I let my hubby see me as a toy for him and his buddies to enjoy how ever they want. By surrendering myself, I live a very comfortable and satisfying life, so don't judge me on how I choose to live, everyone has their own way of living. This is something that works great for me, and it could for you too if you feel like your hubby is the dominate type
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even if u had $ of yr own i think u still do it anyway just cuz deep down u realy like it =)

Dominant versus Domineering....

in a few years, plz let us know how you made out with that.

I suppose, you are way more than just a surrendered wife, I assume, you would qualify as extremely submissive or slave. Surrender doesn't mean, that you have to give up your self-respect or be belittled by your husband. I understand, that your journey probably started with surrender to him, but most<br />
surrendered wives wouldn't accept being used by him and his friends as a toy.<br />
Good luck, and I'm happy it works for you - it wouldn't for me, however!