I'm 32 now. But I will never forget my 6th grade year of school. I remember the bully's name, what he looks like and everything.

Everyday was a verbal lashing of 'queer' '***' and other derogatory words.

One day outside of school we passed each other riding bikes. He turn around and chased me for 30 mins. I've never felt more terrorized.

He knocked me off my bike and kicked me in the ribs.

This guy hated me for no reason and for a whole year I hated school.
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The worst bully in my life was not from school but home...
However, in 11th grade I was involved in ROTC Raiders. It was military style physical competitions.
The commander humiliated me every day, calling out my weaknesses. When I made the team to my surprise, he ambushed me and sucker punched me in the gut. Never did I experience so much pain. My head was disoriented from the blow. I was close to bawling, but I took it. The whole team looked at me with pity, I stood my ground and glared at him. I wasn't going to cry. I bit my lips and suffered the pain in silence. I used it to win the competition.
I got his respect. I sort of idolized him, despising him still.

I'm sorry you went through that. What a jerk! More than a jerk but I probably can't swear on here. I hope karma exists.

I had a kid when I was in 7th grade try to cut in line for lunch. Every day he would pull a kid out of line and take their place. The kid would walk to the end if the line and no raise a fuss.

When it was my turn to be pulled I told him no. I saw the anger, then he punched me in the throat... I kicked him the balls. Kneed him in the face. Then punched him in his back between the shoulder blades.

... The actions we take and the things we endure make us who we are later in life... With out that you wouldn't be as strong as you are now. Maybe even a little more open minded tho less forgiving.

Knowing you and hearing your story make perfect sense to me. The difference between us is I am not capable of physical punishment, which is why my mental is so strong.

"Violence isn't the first answer... but no one said we couldn't skip the first answer and use the second or third."

...I don't always go to violence first. But some times someone needs to be the one to take the beating for others. And some times someone needs to take the fight to the bully.

Oh I do agree the bully needs a reality check. I don't know why I've just never been a physical person. Perhaps I doubt my strength.

We aren't all the same.
But you endured physical abuse at the hands of a cruel child. That is physical strength in it self. You know as well as I do that he didn't hold back. You have physical strength too.

Interesting you say that. I have been told a few times in my life that I can physically endure more than the average person. (That could be headaches, anything). Yet never have I take these words and outwardly used my 'strength'

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