Surviving Spouses Stand Together

I married in 2005 to a wonderful retired Los Angeles Police Officer. We met working at a newspaper. We did not know when we married that he had Cortbasal Degeneration and it would take his life. One can look it up on the Stanford University Medical Center website. In 2006 I had to quit my job to take care of him 24/7. He passed in October 2007. He was my soul mate in every way and my soul provider. I still love him and miss him very much. I lost him and our home, among other things. The day my husband passed all financial income was cut off because I was not married to him one year before he retired. This is a very big issue and know one is doing anything about it. The current law may be legal, but is also dictating to the retiree and discriminating to a surviving spouse. Along with fiscal responsibility I was also told "The law was designed to prevent elderly retirees from marrying younger spouses and draining the pension funds." Imagine reading that from a city councilmember after you just lost your spouse. I was advised by an attorney that numbers count. Some kind of financial support is better than nothing at all. and we need to address this issue now. I understand that now a remarried surviving spouse can reinstate their late spouse's pension. This has nothing to do with me or others in a similar situation. We are considered as a spouse that will drain the pension funds. I am still currently unemployed and entering my last extension after working for over 33 years. I had to move back with my 85 year old mother who has cancer again and she never even smoked. This is all very mentally and physically draining. I need other surviving spouses to stand with me and yes, we can write a charter according to what the attorney wrote me. We must express our concerns to government officials and the people responsible for writing these laws. Something needs to be done, there is strength in numbers. This issue is a very big issue according to the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Department, The Los Angeles Retired Fire and Police Association and even the Los Angles County Bar Association told me they also receive alot of calls. We can bail out big banks, but know one can help a surviving spouse when their soul provider passes away. We are just tossed aside with no recourse. Where has the humanity gone? I found this website to tell my story and hopefully get contacts of others in this same situation for if any one knows of someone who is dealing with this too! Thank you for taking the time to read this profile.

Davidslove Davidslove
Apr 3, 2009