For a year I was bullied by somebody I thought was my best friend. And by bullied I don't mean she just talked behind my back and yelled at me. I mean she did that and it wasn't getting the reaction out of me that she wanted. So she told as many people as possible how horrible I was. And it got to a point where people I didn't know would pass me in the hallways and shout stuff like "How much is it for a night of fun?" or "Hurry back before somebody takes your corner" or "Would you like a soda to satisfy your thirst?". And she still didn't like the reaction I was giving (which was none at all) so she went online and went to my best friend's social media asking how she could be friends with such an ugly lying ****? And then we took it to the principal's office and threatened to sue. So she decided to still torture me, but without me knowing it was her. She spread all these rumors that I did drugs and was pregnant and had all these STDs. And somewhere in that I started harming myself because it just got worse and worse. Then after a year of torture, I decided screw it! I'm gonna be happy! And not long after that, they stopped bullying me. I mean I still got the occasional comment, but everybody does.
Noel138 Noel138
16-17, F
Aug 29, 2014