I Was Molested

I am now 18 years old ... but when I was 7 years old my baby sitter who was 16 molested me. I just recently told my parents about what happened, a year ago. For years I've been having dreams about being raped, or chased by my parents or them violating me in some sort of way. They never save me in my dreams... I just want to know if it was my fault for being molested, I was 7 and he asked if he could touch me and I said okay, and he would do it all the time he baby sat me... I was ashamed of it. I just remember i didnt understand what i was doing and why i let him do it to me, but was this my fault? was I really... molested? I need to talk to someone about it, im tired of these dreams and not trusting people, is this the reason why iv been struggling with these nightmares ?
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i got sexually molested by my bio father since i was born tell age 15. the police wont do anything about it.

you where not aware of how bad it was you where little its not your fault.

Young minds are vulnerable to false leads. The situation was very little in your control. None of it was actually in your control. Therefore, as anyone who has ever been in bad situations, know that you were just be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and stay with the wrong people!<br />
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Today, like shoving a curtain to the side, you will see the light and realize that you are now free from that situation, forever. Don't look back. <br />
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Best wishes.

Like singlemomsue said its never yourfault when you're molested. I wished you had told your parents sooner. I experienced a similar situation when I was under 10 but it was my cousin who babysat for us. She would convince us it wasa game. I just went a long with it too. I used to fell dirty and extremely anxious after all of it. I would be jumpy and was afraid my mother would find out and beat me. I did evetually tell on her, my mother didnt blame me. But I seemed to have blanked out a lot of it. I think my experiences then made me feel like im a homosexual or something. I hope you can get some therapy to help you work through your confusion and pain.