Broken Angel

I remember when I was about 11, we lived across the street from my aunt's house and my cousin was around 15 years old at the time. I use to sleep with my female cousin in the same bed, we were raised like sisters so it was just natural for us to do that all the time. Well my cousin started coming over a lot and little by little he started touching me only when he thought I was asleep. Well one night he came into my bed and began his usual "touching" well I began to move a lot and every time I did he would stop but then start up again. I even moved closer to my other cousin but she never budged and he never did anything to her. I could not wrap myself around it or why but it was always me. So, I started to not sleep at night and if I did I would hide under the bed. On another occasion I locked myself between two bar stools all night long. He tried to open them and get me out but couldn't and stopped when he realized they made so much noise. Shortly after this incident, something happened and we had to move. I was glad but screwed up in the head by then. When everything came out at age 25, he denied ever doing anything to me, later when he became a man of GOD, he asked to speak to me and apologized for anything he may have done as a child. Said he did not remember what he had done, at that time I had still not forgiven him and was still very angry and displayed a lot of aggression. Later I did finally forgive him for all he had done but I never forget and I know that I am a better women because I CAN FORGIVE... I do wish this would have never happened to me but I can not change my past or dwell on it because nothing will ever change. All I know is that I am better then what I could have been. I chose to have a career, education and live; instead of being another statistic and going into drugs, prostitution or other worst things.
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i got sexually molested by my bio father since i was born tell age 15. the cops wont do anything about it.

I salute you,for rising above the hand that life dealt you,and instead of crumbling,you obviously grew stronger and faced your demons,and by the sound of it,you beat them.Not everyone is as strong as you,and you deserve all the credit in the world for taking control of your own life and creating your own destiny.

thats powerful and awesome