He's Spying On Me

So I typed my dads name into Google yesterday to see if there was anymore information about him as there is already an article online when he was arrested for sexual abuse and I noticed that he had a Twitter account. I check Google quite often because I was told that he will be in the paper at some point so I regularly check which means it is only recently he has set up this account. I went onto it and noticed that he was only following one person, and that person works for the Daily Mail. From this, it is obvious he is on Twitter, so he can keep checking my tweets to see if he can use something against me. He did this all the way through the court case, going through my tumblr and other social networking sites he could access. Luckily, he couldn't access my Facebook as it is dead private. I just think it is funny how he keeps spying on me when really, he ain't going to get nothing from me and fortunately for me, I don't use Twitter very often and I don't post anything about the case on Facebook as most of my friends don't know. So overall, he is wasting his time. I've set my tweets onto private so he cannot view them anymore just incase he can find something on there no matter how stupid, to use against me. I don't want to risk that. All I can say is, what a desperate loser. He really hasn't got the pulls to own up for what he has done, he has to keep doing these stupid ridiculous things to get out of jail. Him doing all of these things, pretending he had a stroke then pretending he's mental then spying on me and probably many other things, it's just making him look more and more guilty. Pathetic loser!
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i got sexually molested by my bio father since i was born tell age 15. the cops wont do anything about it.

Good luck dear. Be strong woman be brave to get out of this hell. <br />
I support you!

Thank You xx

That's why I don't have a twitter account.

Luckily, I don't go on there that much and when I do, I post stuff which is nothing to do with the case, usually what happens at work and stuff so he's basically wasting his time.

Yeah. My dad is like that. Always trying to know what me or my mom is doing.

He obviously hasn't got much of a life. Just laugh.