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Originally I started my blog just to have a diary to write in. Recently a few others have found it and followed me and Its so nice to get the support. But after talking with friends who are also survivors they told me my writings really help them. So I figured if It can help them maybe It can help others to. Just to know your not alone. I also would like to get published one day because I love writing. So now I think I'm ready to share It with more people.
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Just read your blog. I felt it, I cried, it helped me acknowledge my ownnewly emerging memories. I can't thank you enough. You are amazing to me, so brave so strong. Sounds funny to say, but I think I might wanna be "just like you" when I grow up!<br />

Thank you soooooooo much! I'm glade it helped some. Which part did you read?
If you ever wanna talk I'm a good listener. We can get through this together :)

I read every part--I'm nothing if not thorough! I related to it all---you gave words to my own thoughts/feelings. July 4 posting got me right between the eyes. I love your lists, borrowing some ideas there. We will be something more than survivors. We can become conquerors.

:D thats awesome! Yes conquerors. Yea July 4th was a very hard day, anniversary of my moms death and new memories that entire week were emerging.
I'm glad u liked my lists! Those things have been soooo helpful for me.

and wow every part? lol u are thorough. I'm glade my words could help. And It was a nice release for me

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