"no Where But Up By Paulie Mallettee/ Justin Beibers Mon

Dear, @pattiemallette & @justinbeiber I am reading your book "No where but up". I dont see how I missed the realities that you have revealed in your book. I just imagined you as a young one who was trying to find her way in the world, living in poverty with a teenage son and a teenage girl. I never expected that I would be reading that you were "sexual abused" repeatedly as a young girl. Im usually pretty intuitive but I missed this all together. It makes me wonder if every girl on the planet suffered through this as well. I have also written a book about my life and hope to publish it soon. I have been on both sides of the fence. I want to you congradulate you for your honesty and putting the facts out there for every one to read. I have read alot of self help and insipration book ins my time but as of page 55 of your book, I have never felt so close and so similar to someone I didnt know. My life has been a mere image of yours. I know I will never have the chance to meet you or justin but Id be lying if I said I dint want to. Both of you are a great inspiration to me. I love Justins music and his heart and I love the story of your life thus far. I really hope we will see more books and movies in the future. With love, Mark. Please retweet.
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36-40, M
Oct 7, 2012