I Was 7 Years Old When I Sexually Abused A 4 Year Old Girl And I Feel Bad About It.

in 1998 i was 7 years old i sexually abused a 4 year old girl when we were playing in the woods i was being naked with her older brother who was also 7 years old and she wanted to do it to. i said no at first but she kept asking me so i finally said take off your clothes so she did and i played dress up with her and she didn't like it and i also put markings on her stomach with washable markers and when her father came she told her dad right away on me and he was pissed her dad called the cops on me.....i know right how silly is it to call the cops on a 7 year old girl thats my openion. i wasn't in any trouble the cops came and just wanted to ask me what happen and i cried while telling them the truth.

i feel very bad about what i did to that little girl and i know that i was very young to and didn't know better. i forsed her to be completly naked in the woods outside and put on a piece of cloth on her crotch and then i switched and put it on her butt. i forgotten her name and i don't know where she lives i had no more contact with her or her brother after that. i am now 21 years old and part of the reason why i did this to her is because i was being sexually abused and sexually molested by my father since i was born tell age 15 and i got aggravatedly raped by my father at age 7 and 8. so i was very sexually frustrated and kind of felt the need to do other sexual stuff with other people.

i know how badly that girl must feel right now i feel so bad about it. if she happens to read this i will tell her i'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt you.
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we do things some times as kids but dont think of the consequences i was spanked and belted a lot as a child and i was playing with my friends sister and brother they wanted to play house so when the sister did some thing wrong i put her over my knee and spanked her when she was crying i realized what i had done i managed to calm her down and she was ok but when her mum saw her red bottom and asked how it had happened i got a telling off from her dad

yeah don't ever spank a kid ever thats wrong and nasty think about it your toutching a kids privates when you spank some ones butt. how old were you when you spanked that girl? and how old was the girl?