I feel kind of foolish putting this story up here considering so many people went through so worse things than i did, and i guess i should be grateful- but i just, i just feel as though i can't. when i was two and a half my half brother sexually molested me. there i said it. my mother thought it was necessary to tell me this when i was 11. i have not been the same since then.
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no experience is more significant then any other. You felt pain and need to share and that is all that matters.

I know what you mean. Other people have such horrible experiences and I feel like mine was minor but it was good to let it out.

I hope that putting your story out there has helped you begin a healing journey for you.

Abuse is abuse! All of it is bad.

Don't feel like your story wasn't traumatic enough to share. This is part of the healing process, and it is great that you are strong enough to share this now. Thank you for this.

It doesn't matter how horrific or mild abuse may SEEM if it is on your mind it is effecting you everyone needs support and advice, try talking to your mother or brother actually only do it if you feel comftable

No ones pain is worse than anyone elses

Don't feel foolish. Whatever happened was obviously traumatic to you, and therefore very important. All the best.

She thought I was getting too close to him, my half brother was around 11-12 yrs old.