Dad Touched Me, I Was Punished For Telling Teacher


I remember my dad touching me below when I was 3.  The memory was so much stronger when I was 13 and tried to deal with it then. 

I told two girls in my class about it.  They went and told my teacher Mrs. Brown.  She went crazy and reprimanded me, saying "I hear you have been upsetting 'my girls.'  Now, JUST WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SAYING???" 

The way she glared at me made me sh*t myself.  I do recall my heart thumping so loud and hard I was petrified.  I was afraid that my mum's threats would come true if I told, that social welfare would take me away.... so I said nothing. ( do think she should have been nice to me not shouted and treated me like a criminal.)

That night the 2 girls came at my house taunting me outside the window: "We'll tell your mum what you said to us today if you don't come out and play" ... (I wasn't allowed to because of my strict Jehovah's Witness upbringing- they KNEW that)

My mum heard and invited them in.  She called their bluff and demanded to know, they told her but I wasn't allowed in the room to hear what was said.

After I was terrified of the consequences.  We'd never mentioned my dad before.  At the time of the abuse she was aware, of course.  She just distanced from me with a stony silence.

She is a very cold person.  She never sympathises or comforts, or gives hugs unless SHE wants them! 


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I have been involved in the Jehovah's witness but managed to escape after a woman died for refusing blood. I think of it as a cult more than anything now. I don't approve of sexual corruption in this organisation at all especially if they keep it hush-hush or risk being disfellowshipped if someone spoke out. This religion made me very ill when I got away. I learnt this by the way while looking for truth of this cult. I seen a documentry called Suffer My Little Children which talked about abuse in the JW.

i was raise in the jehovah witnesses and my bio father sexually molested me since i was born tell age 15. the police wont do anything about it. thats a messed up story i'm sorry that had happen to you.

oh my goodness. you can make a story of this at

i'm so sorry emmasharn. your teacher should never have responded that way. i'm sorry your mother didn't support you. mine betrayed me too.<br />
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thank you for sharing. here's hoping there comes a day when noone else has to go through the things we did.<br />
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stay safe.<br />
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hi dear friend, its indeed sad to know that ones own father cud be the source of sexual abuse.. mere<br />
confrontation is not enough , he shud be slapped in front of the whole community after telling the whole world of his deeds and ur mother is no less a culprit in not supporting u. she shud also be<br />
given the same treatment .... just do that once very strongly and walk out of their lives ... my prayers and wishes for your prosperity.

Guilt is a powerful weapon and mass manipulation device in any hands, but especially evil when put in the hands of children out of the hands of adults. Your story was thought provoking. I'm glad you've survived the choices that were made for you then. Thank you for sharing your story here, dear emmasharn :)

What your teacher and mum was very wrong they should be investigated as for the 2 girls they were kids acting horrible and viciouse nothing excuses them for what they did but if they were to look back would they do the same thing. You are very brave and strong for what you have shared your a survivor

Since you have become an adult have you ever confronted your teacher about what she did to you? Or the girls that reacted in the way they did?<br />
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That was cruel.

d*amn right. I confronted my father about it last year and had a very bad nervous breakdown. You can read it I joined a group about it.

I am stronger now I have posted storys about it but I wont let the abuse I suffered destroy me

catwill, sorry mate to hear that. xx

I can relate I too was 13 when I told I was never supported by my mother and social services would not help. If you read I was this girl you'll see how and who I was.

Thanks for the support!<br />
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I really am happy about your comment. I am doing good, since shunning the whole lot of my family, things instantly improved!!!


that was clearly very difficult, but you as you have said in your own words since you joined the group have survived. that is a very brave thing to do. talk and survive. never doubt your courage and know that somethimes if it comes to the surface again you'll always have someone to talk to. well done, your strong.