Had Osteosarcoma At Age 11

When I was eleven years old I was diagnosed with cancer. How we found out about was I was playing basketball and kept having leg pain. My docotrs office told us to see a orthepedic. There was one where I live that I had gone to before because I broke my wrist when I was even younger. So, my Mom made the appoinment for me to go see him and so we expalined what was going and he said he wanted to take x- rays to see what was going on. On the my way back to the exam room,the doctor was looking at the x- rays and even though I was only eleven I could tell the news was not good.
When it felt like it had been hours for the doctor came in with x-rays,he said there is good news and bad news. He said something to the extent of this,we have found a lump in your rigt leg that seems suspicious, you are thinking what is good about this?the next thing he said is I think we have caught it early enough and has not spread. He wanted to do a MRI to confirm what was going on. After a few minutes of talking with him,my Mom tells me to go wait out in the waiting room so she could ask the doctor a few questions.
When she finaly came out,I could tell that she was trying to hold it in,just like I was. We did not say much on the ride home because we were both scared.Shortly after we got home my Dad came home and my Mom explained things to him. You could not hear what they were saying,in some ways that was a good thing but it was also a bad thing.
When the day came for the MRI you were on edge waiting for someone to confirm your fears that you were dying and were being robbed at any chance of life.When the results came in you were scared and did not know what to except.My doctor called my Mom and expalined things to her(nothing was explained to me, I was always left in the dark) and the next step was finding a orthopedic surgeon that did this kind of surgery. Your parents decided about a doctor that lived four hours away.
The day came. The moment you were dreading. It was the day you would meet your surgeon and prepare for surgery. When I had the first surgery which was a biopsy to tell what the lump was and you remember waking up from the surgery and hearing the doctor say osteosarcoma. When they reliazed you were awake they stopped talking. They knew you were awake because you made a slight moaning noise.
The next thing you knew you were home and somehow you knew that you would be going back to a hospital,this time about an hour away. You somehow knew that you would be getting treatment at this hospital as well. You had no clue what to expect. All you knew was that more people were going to try and hurt you even more,this was just the start and knew it would be a long haul somehow you knew this thing is going to kill me and I am only eleven years old.
This was just the beginning and knew that there would be more surgegies and treaments. I now know what was going on.I had six surgeries on your leg because the parts in it kept falling apart or breaking.I wish I knew more than I did but was to afraid to ask anyone what was going on. I am now in remission and see my surgeon and oncologist once a year.
I know how hard ife is at can be.There are times when I thought it would be easier if it just took me,so I no longer would have to suffer or be in pain.This is my story in a nutshell but feel free to ask quistions or are struggling emotionaly from the cancer because I am and it s scary as well as dark.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it helps you understand things a little better.And that you are not alone,even though you may feel that way.
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I also was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 11, I wasn't expected to live past 12 but I am 27 years old now. How old are you and how long have you been in remission?

I was sure i would not see another birthday or be able to go any family events. Its terrifying when i was diagnosed because no one would tell me anything. I am 21 years old and 10 years in remission. If you don't mind me asking where did you have the osteosarcoma? I had it in my right femur. thank you for your response.I appreciate it,helps knowing there is someone else who had the same diagnosis. hope to hear from you again soon.