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Im sure anyone who read my last entry "I didnt Know I was Crazy Until Then" is wondering if I ended up going on the deployment. The answer is yes, I did. I was gone for 7 months. However, after completing the predeployment training, our team went back to our homebase to out process the base. We were there for three days. On the flight back home I decided that I was going to stay in a hotel instead of staying at home. I had heard that my husband wasnt allowed to go on the deployment because he choked me out in the training and was sent home and that he was really pissed. Friends of his advised me to keep my distance if I wanted to go on this deployment. So thats exactly what I did. I rented a room for the week and told the attendent at the front desk that nobody except me was to to have a key to this room unless it was my commander or the chief. ( I was staying on base at the Air Force Inn)

When my husband found out that we were back from training he went ape ****. He found out where I was staying, walkeed right to the front desk and said I need a key to my room. He explained to the girl, my wife checked in already and she told me to come to the office to get the key because she went to the grocery store. Without hesitation, she looked me up in the computer, gave him my room number and the key. DUMB. He walked in as I was getting ready to go out with the guys to a party our supervisor was throwing for us. You know alittle fun before we leave.

So anyways, he walked in stormed over me and started to scream. He snatched the curling iron off of the sink and put it to my wet skin. I heard the sizzle. I screamed. Then he punched me in the face and said nobodys goning to want to touch you now you ******* ****. Truth be told....I hadnt cheated on him at this point. The neighbors called the cops and the military ploice came. PERFECT, I thought to myself, now he can go to jail and get kicked out of the military. But thats not what happen. They came in and separated us. believed his story, that I was coming on to him and teased him and thats what got him mad. Then they sent him on his way. Told him to take my car and go. I laughed and told the cops that they were going to regret that, and one my husband was going to kill me just xbecause it would be so easy and nobody would believe that he did it.

I ended up going to party where all the guys said, OMG (my name) what happened? And I told them. We took a shot of Patrone and drank. I drank so much that I threw up a lot, gave the guys 700 dollars to go to the ***** club, and screwed my husbands best friend. The next day, I woke up in my husbands best friends bed, and my husband banging on his friends door. ****!. He hid me in his suite mates room, thank god he was even there. Then he opened the door and let my husband in. My husband searched the room for me and choked out his friend and said where the **** is she? His friend said I dodnt know I havent seen her since we got back.

After my husband left, so did I. I went back to my hotel room and satyed thinking that I was going to die soon. I took a shower, and then heard a knock on the door. I went to the peep hole. It was my husband, with flowers and coffee. WTF?!? I grabbed the phone and called the law enforecement desk. I told them that he was at my door, and to come check on me in 5 minutes. So they sent the closets LE patrol to my room. I saw them pull up when I opened the door to let my husband inside.

He made the coffee as I put my clothes on and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. (Yeah, like I was going to use a curling iron again) I slipped my shoes on and went into the kitchen part of the hotel room. BIG MISTAKE! He started yelling trying to find out where I was the night before. I told him that I was with my chick friends. He believed me for the most part after telling him what we did. I had rehearsed this story all morning. The cops came up casually knocked on the door, they were friends of mine. When I opened the door they asked if I wanted to go down and smoke. Meaning get the hell out of there, please. I said not now. Maybe in 10 minutes. Meaning, please come check on me in 10. So I sat down on the couch with the cup of coffee in my hand. I decided not to drink it...I thought it was drugged. When I placed it in the table next to me and stood up and started yelling at me to drink it. I said okay and he sat back down and watched me drink every last drop. Then he got up gave me a kiss and took my cup to the kitchen. He came back in and told me to go the room. What else was I supposed to do. I went to the room and he followed. The look in his eye was fearful. He threw me on to the bed and I told him no. He got pissed and smacked me across the face. Every time I screamed he slapped me, full force. It hurt like hell until I saw the blood, then everything went numb. As he stuck it in me, I looked at the clock and said to myself, okay only 4 more minutes until they come back up here, and when I dont answer they are going to bust the door. My husband flipped me over and pounded me from behind and it hurt so bad I begged him to stop. A knock at the door. FINALLY! But he didnt stop and the cops just went away. WTF!?!

After my husband was done, he took a shower and I looked out the window. The cops were down in the parking lot...running radar. My husband left. Then the cops came back up to see my face red and smeared with blood, my shirt buttons on the floor and the bed a mess and also bloody. They called over the radio and told the officers to close down the gates. They didnt want my husband getting off base. They were to late. I went to the hospital and got tests done. They found evidence of forced trauma and bruising and *****. They said I was definatley raped. I filled out my police statement and then the next day was called into my first sergeants office and he asked me..."How does a husband rape a wife?" He threatened to keep me off the deployement unless I dropped my statement. So I dropped the statement and the next day was put on a plane to the middle east. Over the next 7 months I ****** 10 guys, and became known as a desert queen. A ***** in civilian terms. I had forgotten all about the rape and the beatings.

The day came when we had to leave and go back home. As I boarded the plane, I looked back and said to myself "If you could live through this hell, you can live the through the hell that awaits you". I cried the whole flight home. When we landed at our home base, people from the squadron were there cheering at us and hugging us. I was the only one to be pissed about being there. We had a new chain of command. Nobody knew anything about the **** that happened before we left. But the abuse never stopped. Thus, leading to a serious attempt of suicide.
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The monster need to be in jail.I hope your doing better now