Well, Gone From Victim To Survivor Only Yesterday.

But it is for good this time. Someone more experienced than the people in 2005 will help me force a divorce through, it'll take 1 year.
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I'm now *really* looking forward to meeting the new employer and landlord on Sunday 27/02/2011 :)<br />
It was nice of the socialworker to make such a great reference. Maybe her being a mother herself helped. She knows how important it is to be as close to the kids as possible. And she had goose bumps when I answered her about how I feel about Darina. ♥ bless her. And of course I did explain what my intentions were when coming back. To *only* live with that crazy husband for as long as it would take to find work and then a place to move to. But he made the waiting time too dangerous, so things didn't... go as planned. I want legal work, pay tax, contribute to the Danish system that way and of course be safe that way as well. I think they like when you always intented to work instead of having a 'lazy attitude', and refuse to do certain jobs, be picky or whatsoever. I don't care what work, as long as I earn money, can afford my rent and some food, and of course enough to stay in touch with the family, then I'm happy. Bless my social worker. Everyone in Denmark gets a social worker, usual procedure. But some are more lucky with theirs than others. I think I'm exceptionally lucky. All this is to say is, there is ALWAYS a way to escape domestic violence, not always the same way, but there is always a way. You just gotta find it. Keep looking. And if a door opens, enter as soon as you see it open or you might miss your chance and never get another. Never think it is impossible to leave a violent husband. It is ALWAYS possible!!!<br />
I escaped on 01/02/2011 and I'm moving into my new home already on Sunday. I've made it. So can ANYONE!!! Tell them that as well. If you want to share my story, share it all. People need the encouragement. I sometimes felt despair along the way but kept going, thinking of my 6 year old little darling all the time, that's what kept me going. And look at me now. This would have sounded insane had I said it on the day I escaped, like, that by the end of this month I'd have found a job and a new home, but I have!!! And guess what: I'm proud!<br />
Today and probably for some time to come, wherever people see me singing and smiling, they know they've seen the happiest Aussie on planet Earth.

I wish you a speedy divorce; I can tell you mine is taking longer than expected too. But I believe it is more important we stay safe, heal (I know, so much easier said than done) and love ourselves. Hugs to you, sister.