Strange World!

I have been housebound for around a year. I took my first walk 2 days ago. I just had to get out and away from my abusive son. I have M.E and he makes it much worse, but 1'm trapped with him. I love him but hate him too.
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1 Response May 30, 2011

Can you elaborate? How old is your son? In what way does he abuse you? I've been house bound for just over 4 months now so I know how that feels, I'd love to be able to advise you but there isn't really enough info in your story, well done for getting outside, it must have been a great relief after so long. Please get back to me, or if you want to keep the details private you'd be most welcome to private message me, even if its only to vent your feelings.<br />
Hope to hear from you soon.