Time To Learn

When I was between the ages of 9 and 14, my dad used to beat me mercilessly.  The school counselors never did anything about it because they would talk to him and he would convince them that I was lying.  When I got to high school I finally found a counselor who believed me.  She contacted the proper people and custody of me was handed over to my mom.  My dad now sits in a jail cell.  One positive thing from this experience is I recognize that its happening right away and leave.  I don't stay in denial in relationships.  A chance to prove what I learned was when my boyfriend at the time and I were fighting.  I told him I was going home because I was tired of fighting.  He grabbed me and threw me down and was pushing me and things got..quite physical on his part.  When I got away from him, I called my mom and she called the cops.  I broke up with him that night and stopped myself from becoming a repeat victim of domestic violence with him like I had been with my dad.
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i learned my lesson the same way my step father only no one ever came to our defense he just left my mother who was emotionally abusive by way of her desire to drink a slow death. by the age of 18 i knew no man would never hit me again.im thrilled to see others are learning life changing lessons instead of passing on the torments

Actually some good come out of the bad that your dad did to you. Many women are in abusive relationships and afraid to leave. I've always said, if you think really hard you can find something good and make something positive out of something that was a negative, we just have to look really hard, there's always a reason things happen in our lives.