Chasing Perverts

I grew up in a drug infested inviroment with only my drunk mother to care for me! She only drove for a short time and im45 and never driven so I've been on foot my whole life. S Orange blossom trail in Orlando Florida from Lee road to Kissimmee I know these streets well my home Kaley ave! One of the worst areas to live in. Working nights put me in a dangerous place at dangerous hours of the early morning. My brother always called me a muggers nightmare cause I'd pack my purse with crazy **** to protect myself. Even the purchase of a new purse this was takin into account. Ive spent a small fortune and the ironic thing is by Gods grace I never used any of those purses! But I do have a few stories of a chase or two!i chased one guy with hairspray and a lighter I torched it! This is one of the many ways my God shows himself in my path. I should have hurt myself to this day Im amazed at the outcome. There was one where I chased two guys down a dark street with a broken Pepsi bottle! A lot of day encounters with Jon's fighting for my right to be a nice girl!
I was 32 when I finially left the trail believe it or not I stepped out of the pot into the fire which is a story in itself. At least the trail dosent wear a fake face you know who you are dealing with. It's not all of Deltona it's the community I happen to find here.
I'm still glad I don't have to pack a purse I no longer fight off Jon's and perverts...I will probably never return unless I'm inspired by the greater cause of my awareness and presence...if I can't help clean up I won't go back. Besides I have more than it would seem I can handle right here. My instincts tell me something big will soon happen as I face the biggest pervert of all years of tolerance will be the conclusion to my 13 years experience with a stalker! There will be a conclusion to this story I pray part two will inspire millions to take a stance pick a cause maybe two...we have to start paying attention to those who need help if one person in our legal system had truely cared it would have changed everything just one!
Until next time God Bless
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I always lived in really safe areas and would never live in a dangerous place. That normally means I pay more then I have to on bills but its worth the security. Plus I want to make sure my child is in a safe/good school. I also don't drive and thats why I always live along a train or bus. I wonder why didn't you move faster?

To be honest I've never known a safe place this is only one of many stories of my experiences of domestic violence. I was lucky to make it out of my childhood alive in this way I am a statistic . When you're young and alone you tend to stay in areas you know well I was able to run these perverts off because I knew my inviroment with plans to protect in place.

I had a hard childhood but I always knew I would one day have better. I just learned when you do good and have hope things look up.

I am being stalked right now 13 years I believe he is using technology and I also believe he has a material motive? In the last year he found my password accessed my account at work changed my address **** on my iron on a regular basis ect...I'm so tired words can't describe it! He's terrorized me and my two boys for so long now the youngest dosent know anything else hell be 18 next year his whole childhood robbed! Because there was no violence the law says its not serious I beg to differ . As for the perverts on s o b t I did what I had to do! Since I left the trail I've retired the purse!haha

You should start stalking him and attack before he does