Was 27 when I met my abuser and stayed with him for four an a half yrs.  Things were great at first we were the best of friends.  One day he got extremely jealous cause an ex contacted me and later on that day, he was drunk and cracked a Heineken bottle across my face.  I was hospitalized and given stitches and had two black eyes from the impact.  Begging and pleading I took him back a month later.  As the years went on the abuse was sporadic, not all the time and I thought that fights were a part of that then realized the amount of physical contact was getting worse and worse!  I left 2.5 months ago and havent contacted him since.  Hes tried a few times for the first month to contact me and finally stopped, thank god. 
Lmiliko0 Lmiliko0
May 8, 2012