When The Ones That Are Suppose To Take Care Of You Are Your Worst Nightmare

when the ones that are suposed to take care of you are ur worst nightmare and life became a punishment more than a gift then u know that hell does exist
when i was a little girl i was abused at home my parents used me like a punchy bag
my dad was alcoholic bastard and my mom a **** and an addict
my dad used to come home all drunk every single weekend and abused me and my siblings physically, verbally and sexually
he toke pictures of us and sell to other perverts . And my mom was always so high that she didnt cared at all
I dont remember having a b-day party or even a Christmas present never in my life
One when i was 6 or maybe 7 i found my mom on the bath top fainted and i had to drag her to bed, clean her and take care of her the whole night. and she thanked me calling me a little *****
my dad didnt allowed us to eat we had to take his left overs
then when i was 9 i decided that i would be better on my own and ran away and had been living on streets since then now im a runaway teen a homeless kid im nothing nobody cares about me im like a ghost a shadow im living in hell and i had nothing
the only thing that gives me hope are my street friends other tainted broken kids like me
nobodyslittlegirl nobodyslittlegirl
13-15, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

im so sorry. you can run away to seattle washington and live with me and my dad and my mom. you would have a christmas and good food and clean cloths.