I Thought This Site Was Safe.,....

I was on here less than 24 hours and someone approached me like trash again.....I thought this was a place to vent about my hurt and heal from my past.....now it just seems like a hunting ground for creeps... I'm over it.....Thought would be a safe place to turn....never is huh.....
Moveon3511 Moveon3511
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Don't care, really.
Block them, or simply "pass" the comment.
You can also "flag-it" ^^

I Can Help I too am a survivor to domestic violence.... This is the only course that help me to get though.... I been through all the lessons myself and they have helped me improve myself and my relationships as I now have skills to set boundaries... and many other powerful life skills I'm offering my help as I was were some of you have been ... or are still are and I wish I had someone back then It would have saved me many years of recreating this in my life.
to all me friends and anyone you know that might be interested.....As you may or may not know, I have been diligently working to complete my certificate-cation to be a Certified Self-Mastery Coach. I am ready now to begin my practicum “training with my school www.HolisticLearningCenter.com , and I need practice clients to fine tune my coaching skills.I can only work with a few "practicum clients at one time. The people I train will receive their first 10 Self Mastery coaching sessions absolutely free. That's a win-win for you and me because I get the practice I need to become a professional coach, and you receive an in depth self-help mastery course with its clinically proven exercises and educational materials.To allow you to be able to deal with life's ups and downs in a way that will benefit you. This course covers many areas in our life such as weight mastery, money mastery, self empowerment,relationships,self parenting, and more You are NOT required to do any travel because all our work will be done over the phone; each session is only 50 minutes; and you will submit your weekly Self-mastery assignments via email.I want to share with you that I have completed the same Self-mastery Classes that I will facilitate with you, and what I experienced was life changing. My world looks different because I am now looking at life through with a new pair self-empowered eyes.Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in becoming my practice coaching client because I only intend to begin with two coaching clients. Call me if you are ready to advance to your next level of your soul’s evolution. We can begin your coaching sessions as soon as you are ready. please only serious inquiries as this will require some SELF work.NamastéYankeesgirl01and please repost for me thanks ♥ U all !

I am very interested and need your help

Please reach out

I'm reaching out and I am here for you ... send me a message. and I will
give you my contact information and we can discuss this then if you would like.

Ok.... how do I message on here?

Go to my profile and in the left column you will see message .. click on it and send me a message... I look forward to hearing from you .

Hello moveon3511, I haven't heard from you and was wondering if you figured out how to message me on here. I will try leaving you a private message
thanks and have a Feel safe week !

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