I Survied And Now I Would Like To Help Others

I Can Help I too am a survivor to domestic violence.... This is the only course that help me to get though.... I been through all the lessons myself and they have helped me improve myself and my relationships as I now have skills to set boundaries... and many other powerful life skills I'm offering my help as I was were some of you have been ... or are still are and I wish I had someone back then It would have saved me many years of recreating this in my life.
to all me friends and anyone you know that might be interested.....As you may or may not know, I have been diligently working to complete my certificate-cation to be a Certified Self-Mastery Coach. I am ready now to begin my practicum “training with my school www.HolisticLearningCenter.com , and I need practice clients to fine tune my coaching skills.I can only work with a few "practicum clients at one time. The people I train will receive their first 10 Self Mastery coaching sessions absolutely free. That's a win-win for you and me because I get the practice I need to become a professional coach, and you receive an in depth self-help mastery course with its clinically proven exercises and educational materials.To allow you to be able to deal with life's ups and downs in a way that will benefit you. This course covers many areas in our life such as weight mastery, money mastery, self empowerment,relationships,self parenting, and more You are NOT required to do any travel because all our work will be done over the phone; each session is only 50 minutes; and you will submit your weekly Self-mastery assignments via email.I want to share with you that I have completed the same Self-mastery Classes that I will facilitate with you, and what I experienced was life changing. My world looks different because I am now looking at life through with a new pair self-empowered eyes.Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in becoming my practice coaching client because I only intend to begin with two coaching clients. Call me if you are ready to advance to your next level of your soul’s evolution. We can begin your coaching sessions as soon as you are ready. please only serious inquiries as this will require some SELF work.NamastéYankeesgirl01and please repost for me thanks ♥ U all !
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Hi, this week I just recently discovered that I am a survivor of domestic violence as well. I left my abusive husband 10 yrs ago, i literally ran away without saying goodbye to anyone as I felt I feared for my life. I moved back home 3 states away from him. Recently i have seen a man hanging around the outside of my local grocery store, so a few days ago i decided to google my ex's name, and what i found horrified and shocked me to the core, i am still feeling sick to my stomach today. He had remarried in 08 for 19 months, a series of events led to her filing for divorce. He apparently had finally snapped and went to her workplace and shot her multiple times before shooting himself. She had a daughter in her 20's and i thought about reaching out to her but dont know if it is a good idea. And i just found out that his mom wants to speak to me. I feel horrible for what happened after me, i wonder if i am to blame because of the way i had to leave him. Dont get me wrong, i am very happy to be alive after realizing that could have been me but at the same time i feel guilty. How can i get past these feelings?

This can be very confusing as you THINK you have done something wrong by not doing something about it all those years ... But YOU FELT you had to leave... as this was a point were you learned that you deserve better . Now years later you are THINKING that you could have helped... You can't HELP anyone who can't or don't want to help themselves, The blame you THINK is not yours ... He caused his own Karma You just need to heal those feelings you are still holding on to as I had to do myself and I am still continuing to do. It is a process that you have to commit to, I can help you on that journey if you are ready . I give you big kudos's for being aware of this and If you FEEL comfortable talking to his parents then do so ..... And if you FEEL scared then don't as you have that choice and as far as a strange man presence I would alert the authorities and let them know about the past. As now you have those ways of protecting yourself... Don't do or speak to anyone where you FEEL not THINK they will cause you any Emotional or physical Pain. Until you know how to maturely deal with it yourself If your interested in knowing how to maturely deal with our emotions then let me know.
FEEL safe,

I meant to say the man i had been seeing around my grocery store strongly resembled my ex which is why i googled his name to make sure he was not in this state. I would greatly appreciate your help as i am at a loss on trying to move on. My relationship ended 10 yrs ago and i thought i was fine until i found this article the other day and it brought back all the pain and old feelings and new ones of guilt. I thank you for reading and responding to my story. What i went through trying to leave him was very traumatic for me then, and now i feel haunted by him all over again even though he is gone from this earth. Thanks for your help

LH66 message me on here and we can exchange information I can explain more of what your experiencing and how to start to heal when I hear from you many FEEL safe days are ahead. Looking forward to hearing from you !
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